Monday, December 10, 2012

Itzy Ritzy Mickey

PB-chocolate sandwiches, roasted pumpkin seeds,
carrots, pumpkin bread, apples
Thursday, 11/8/12 -
I saw the Itzy Ritzy "Hoot" box and had to have it! (Look at that cute owl graphic! Squeee!) I'm not a fan of the multiple levels though, since they don't separate. You either need to eat the top level first, or make sure to re-latch it before flipping it over to open the lower level.

Since I wanted something that would be fine getting flapped around, I put her Mickey and Minnie mouse sandwiches in the top section. They were made with sandwich/cookie presses I found on eBay.

The lower section has built-in dividers, so I used it for all the other little lunchy bits. Some home-made roasted pumpkin seeds (and delicata squash seeds, since I had them) and pumpkin bread made from a mix from Trader Joe's. Carrots scored down the side with Vs to make flowers, and some apple slices. No dairy, so I didn't need to worry about an ice pack.

Tools of the Trade

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