Friday, December 7, 2012

Pure Bliss Organics

Since we discovered that Z is sensitive to artificial ingredients, I'm always on the lookout for new all-natural snacks and treats. And since I'm already checking labels and worrying about ingredients, I also try to go organic and GMO-free when we can. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

So I was thrilled to discover Pure Bliss Organics. Organic (and thus no artificial ingredients,) non-GMO, and for those of you with allergies or dietary restrictions, wheat and soy free. They have an assortment of energy bars, energy bites, granola, and gourmet nuts. Yes, please!

I used some Pure Bliss Organics granola in a fun way for my Thankful for Friends lunch, but here are some other ways I used their goodies!

Energy Bites
PB&J Energy Bites cut into flowers, pistachios and dark chocolate; salad with cauliflower,
raspberries, carrots, golden beets, dried blueberries, sunflower seeds and dressing
I used a small flower cutter on some square PB&J Energy Bites to give my lunch some extra protein, fiber, and vitamins. I tucked scraps underneath. They were pretty tasty for energy bar-type food.

Energy Bars
Acai Coconut Energy Bar cut into bears, grapes, carrots, PB sandwiches
For Little Z, I used a small teddy bear cutter to make Pure Bliss Organics Acai Coconut Energy Bar "chewy bears" for a "Three Bears" themed lunch. I chose these ones because they contain no nuts, so would be safe for her afternoon preschool snack. As I expected, she didn't manage to eat all three "chewy bears" during lunch, so I re-packed them with some grapes and crunchies for her afternoon snack.

The scraps went into my lunch, under the flower bites, and I ended up sharing with Baby while we waited for Z to get out of school. They were a HUGE hit. She even threw a little baby tantrum when I didn't feed them to her fast enough!

Sesame Honey Cashews, orange; salad with carrots, purple cauliflower,
golden beets, dried blueberries, roasted edamame, dressing 
I got a sample of Pure Bliss Organics Sesame Honey Cashews and put them in a quick and simple Mama lunch. It's probably for the best I only had a sample-sized portion. I could have gone through a whole bag in one sitting!

Use code "bitingthehand" to get 20% off your purchase at Pure Bliss Organics! Or check their store locator to find some available near you!

*Disclaimer: I was sent an assortment of samples and a few Energy Bars to try and review. Yummers! If you use my coupon code, I get affiliate credit as well.


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    1. Thank you so much! I'm working harder on "plating" to add visual appeal. Attractive food tastes yummier!

    2. everything looks very funny.
      the butterfly carrot i like best


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