Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Breakfast for Lunch!

Tuesday, 11/27/12 - I'm a wee bit behind posting our lunches. 
I had found some frozen mini pancakes at Trader Joe's and thought it might be fun to make a breakfast-y lunch in our EasyLunchboxes! (Regular people could make their own in advance and freeze them. But pancakes hate me.)
Mini pancakes, bacon, Snappea Crisps, maple syrup, raspberries
I thawed the pancakes and heated the pre-cooked uncured bacon first, even though they wouldn't still be warm by lunch. Well, maybe. I didn't include dairy so I wouldn't need an ice pack, so the insulated lunch bag may have kept them warm.
Anyway, I hadn't planned on any fun kind of layout, but as I was slapping the food in there, I realized that the bacon looked kind of like a mouth. So I adjusted the pancakes a bit to look more like a face, and added raisins for pupils.

I put some maple syrup in a Mini Dipper. For dipping! I crammed a few Snappea Crisps in alongside, mostly because I didn't have a lot of time to prep any "real" veggies.
I tucked in some leaf picks to make it more Autumn-y.

Tools of the Trade
   Food Decorating Pick Fall Leave Scarecrow


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