Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little Green Pouch Re-Usable Food Pouches

We go through a ton of squeezy pouches for Baby's food, since they're easier to use on the go. At first we'd squirt directly onto a spoon, which was less messy than spooning from a container. Then as she got a bit older, she could just eat straight from the spout. But even on sale the food pouches are over $1 each. Plus all that waste! And that meant my home-made baby food wasn't getting used.

So I was beyond thrilled when I discovered the Little Green Pouch - a dishwasher- and freezer-safe, re-usable squeezy pouch!
The top of the pouch has a zipper-press seal that can be opened to fill, and then sealed to make the pouch air-tight, like a ziplock baggie. But from a much sturdier plastic. A BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic, at that!
They can easily be filled with home-made baby food or applesauce using a spoon, or for something like a smoothie, you can use a funnel.
And unlike many baby feeding items, these won't become obsolete as baby grows. You can start using them for baby, then save money and waste by buying the big jars of applesauce for the older kids to have their own squeezy fruit packs. And mini smoothies on-the-go for any age!

Baby E was a big fan. She loves squeezy packs because she can feed herself. She loves feeding herself. She also loves putting the lids in her mouth. Doh!
The side-spout confused her for a bit, since she's used to spouts at the top. But she's always been a persistent and voracious eater, and mastered it pretty quickly.
As she's gotten older, I've even been able to put chunkier things in there. We've even used our Little Green Pouches for soups and curried veggie and tofu dishes with rice (with super soft-cooked veggie chunks.) 

Big Sis
Little Z is always keen on stealing using any of the toys and feeding gadgets that I got for Baby, but she's never really liked stuff with applesauce-like consistency after she outgrew the baby mash. So when she wanted to use Baby's Little Green Pouches, we started her off with yogurt in them. Then one day she was hungry and all I had was some home-made fruit-mash in our Little Green Pouch. She was hungry enough to eat it, and has been enjoying the occasional applesauce pouch ever since!

I was able to easily put three of my 1-ounce frozen cubes of home-made mash inside to thaw overnight or during the day. Or four cubes with some careful maneuvering. Or up to 6-ounces of thawed or fresh mash. You could also put the fresh-made mash in them first, and then freeze for later. But that would make too much sense.

They don't really hold enough of a smoothie for me personally, but they hold an equivalent to an applesauce or yogurt cup for a nice portion-controlled snack.

Most of all, I love how easy they are to clean. I can usually just rinse them out through the top and pour the water all out. But if I forget to rinse them right away (ahem) then a bottle brush does the trick.
Since I'm no fan of hand-washing, I love that I can just put them on the top rack of the dishwasher over a few of those sticky-uppy bits. And the lids go in my bottle-parts basket (also handy for bento supplies!)

I would also like to note how fantastic their customer support is. My very first time using one, I had crammed in 4 frozen food cubes, and dragged the pouch around with us all day. It rattled around in my cooler bag much of the day (as an ice pack for my lunch! Haha!) and spent some time in my coat pocket. So when I finally fed it to E and it started leaking, I assumed the seal had come open. But then I saw that the seal had actually come off the side of the pouch.
I contacted them, just to find out how I could prevent wrecking them in the future, since I clearly had put too much stress on it by cramming in the frozen cubes then banging it around all day. They told me that they not only had a new design in production to deal with that, since apparently it had happened on a few occasions to others, but they also sent me a whole new box! Of the new kind! I just cannot say enough about how friendly and helpful they were.

*Disclaimer: I was sent a package of pouches to try for this review. And then a replacement package! Which is fantastic, because we love them!

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  1. Thank you!!! I'm putting these on my list to buy.


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