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Dye-Free Preschool Snacks - Week 2 - December 2012

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Monday, December 10 through Thursday, December 13

Ham and cheese on Rosemary bread, grapes
The half-sandwich was leftover from her Hobbit lunch and she requested it for her snack. I put some circus animal picks to help hold it together, since the cheese inside was in smaller pieces.

Apples, Sour Cream and Onion PopChips
I was in a bit of a hurry and we were out of apple juice, so I just tried to have all the apple slices touch each other or the bottom of the box to reduce exposure to air to prevent browning. Didn't work. She refused to eat them.
The box is a newer one I recently found at Daiso.

Cosmos Creations Sea Salt and Butter flavor, Snappea Crisps
Z and I were tooling around the mall near her gym class and there was a holiday craft fair in an empty storefront. One of the vendors was selling some non-GMO, all-natural baked corn snacks from Cosmos Creations, kind of like Pirate Booty, but in different flavors. Z chose to try the Sea Salt and Butter flavor first, and was sold. She wasn't interested in trying any other flavors after that.

The snack box came from my friend Candy Girl at BentOnBetterLunches from her local Sanrio selection.

Z requested an assortment of cheeses (actually it was "I want the cheddar cheese, plus the sliced cheddar, plus YOUR smoky cheese [Gouda] and Dadda's smoky cheese" [smoked Gouda.]) I didn't have any Gouda, so I cut her some cheddar into cubes, slices of cheddar and Colby Jack into smaller squares, and cut chunks from some weird white "Farmer's Cheese" I found on clearance to try. It was sticky and... moldable. Strange. But tasty.
She agreed that a "cheese tray" would taste yummy with apples, so I cut some into chunks and sloshed them in some water with Fruit Fresh, since she had complained about the last apples I tried feeding her turning brown.
My new Melissa and Doug turtle snack box was perfect for this. I included a little turtle pick with the cheese too. I got it from Daiso, and it's no longer available.

Tools of the Trade
Japanese Bento Food Pick Cute Circus Animal 10 P  Japanese Bento Cute Sea Animal Food Pick

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