Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Bento

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I got one of those Elf on the Shelf sets on clearance after the holidays last year. I think the elf is actually kind of creepy looking, so I'm on the lookout for a cuter less Chucky-looking version. For this year, I've kept it lunchy.
PB-chocolate sandwiches, Colby-Jack cheese, satsuma, carrots and broccoli
I'm sorry to say that both elf cutters used for this lunch were specialty finds. The sandwiches were made with a Nordic Ware easy-release cutter from a set at Target (in a Nordic Ware holiday display near the tablewear. Only $7.99 for 5 unique stamper cutters!) The mini elf was from a tub of Wilton cutters I found at JoAnns a few years ago. It had sets of matching cutters in regular and mini sizes. I forget how many different shapes. 12? 16? A great find to make matching sandwiches and cheese or fruit!

I colored the sandwiches with natural food color powders (mixed with water, obviously) from Chocolate Craft Kits. I found mine at Whole Foods. Cost $1 more than buying direct online (plus tax,) but no shipping. So depending how convenient the nearest Whole Foods is to you, your local tax rate, and whether you had wanted to order anything else from Chocolate Craft Kits, it might be more cost effective to buy in-store.

It was my first time working with the powder colors, and I was feeling lazy, so I didn't bother painting the whole thing. Just the red and green bits. And I messed even THAT up! (The center of the belt buckles should match the belt, not the shirt. And I missed the band of hat near the hair until I was out of red, and didn't feel like mixing up more. I use a plastic-bristled cheap-o brush that I keep with my bento tools, since it's easier to wash and disinfect than softer bristles. Harder to work with though.

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  1. Kendra! I love this bento! I don't think you messed up the coloring! It looks great! and that cute little elf cutter you have really completes the lunch :)

  2. Really cute!! The coloring looks fantastic! Why can't I ever find specialty finds? :p


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