Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 Quick and Simple Holiday Lunches

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Three quick, easy, and healthy holiday-themed lunches in our EasyLunchboxes. Picks, cupcake toppers, muffin cups and cookie cutters turn quick and simple lunches into FUN quick and simple lunches!

Wednesday, 12/12/12 - Super Simple Santa
PB-chocolate almond butter sandwich, GoGo Squeeze,
seaweed snack, string cheese nibblets
It practically took me longer to open the package of Trader Joe's Seaweed Snack than it did to put this lunch together! A Santa cupcake ring and holiday lights cupcake rings make it fun and festive, with almost no effort at all.
The GoGo Squeeze pouch came in my December allergy-friendly Savorfull box - they're processed in a facility free from the Top 8 allergens! 
(Use code BITINGMYHAND to get $1 off one month, $9 off six months or $20 off a one year Savorfull subscription.)

Thursday, 12/6/12 - No Time Like The Presents
Pickled green beans, pomegranate arils, ham and cheese on rosemary bread,
Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzel Thins
We got some pickled beans from the pumpkin patch we went to back in October. I'd just found them again, so figured it was a good time to try them in her lunch. They were a bit spicy for me, and turned out to be too spicy for her as well. Oh well. The holiday light cupcake ring made them more for though!
Just for fun, I put a Santa hat cupcake topper on the sandwich. Whee! (It came from a bakery supply shop somewhere. It's nice having bento friends around the world!)
To keep the Trader Joe's White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Slims from getting moist against the ham sandwich, I used a silicone baran to separate them.
The pomegranate seeds are in a present-shaped cupcake cup - one of my favorites! (I found mine at Target a few years ago, but they've been seen at AC Moore and a few other places.)

Tuesday, 12/11/12 - Bagel Wreaths
Mini bagels with peanut butter, Colby Jack cheese, grapes, edamame
I used some graduated bow cutters (also found in the clay section at craft stores) to turn her mini bagels into quick and simple holiday wreaths! A holiday sign cupcake pick and some gingerbread candy men cupcake picks and make a so-so lunch fun and festive!
(I discovered through trial and error that if I press cheese down a little against the bottom of the lunch box, it stays put! In this case, the bagels pressed the other cheese bows up against the lid too. Easy peasy!

For some reason I seem to be running low on clean red and green muffin cups lately. Huh.

Tools of the Trade:
   Food Decorating Pick Puffy Ring Santa Christmas Tree Elf   Reusable Silicone Japanese Bento Baran Sheet 5pcs Microwavable  Food Decorating Pick Puffy Gingerbreads Food Decorating Pick Happy Holidays Message

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