Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gingerbread Girl Ho-Ho-Holiday Hop

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I based my holiday hop lunch on the Gingerbread Girl book by Lisa Campbell Ernst. 
Little Z loves this book, since there's rhyming. Plus it has a girl in it. She used to have us change names and genders as we read to make every book about a girl! But "Run, run, fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Girl" doesn't quite have the same ring to it...
We've decided to break up our Holiday Hop into three smaller loops, to make them more manageable. This is the first one, and check the Bento Bloggers and Friends Facebook page to get started on Week 2 and Week 3's hops, the next two Thursdays!
Check out what Deb at iPackLunch is doing in the meantime, and keep clicking to hop around in the full loop! It's a nice reasonably sized one, so shouldn't take too long! Or stick around here a bit, and read more about my lunch!

Gingerbread Girl Bento
PB-chocolate almond butter sandwich, gummy worm hair, cheese,
white-chocolate-dipped gingerbread cookies, grapes, carrots and broccoli
Packed in an EasyLunchbox. Cloth Gingerbread Man napkin from the Red Poppy Crafts Etsy shop.

I'll Run and I'll Run With A Leap And A Twirl...: I used a mini person cutter on some Colby Jack cheese and a hugemongous carrot from my CSA share to make gingerbread people. 
The silicone muffin cups were used to separate the foods, but also add color. The gingerbread man pick in with the veggies was added for fun, but the two Gingerbread Man head picks in with the grapes were to skewer them! Those picks actually came from a seasonal Tic Tac Toe game at Dollar Tree.

You Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Girl!: I used a larger gingerbread girl cookie cutter for the body, and sliced up a dye-free gummy worm into thin strips for hair that I placed between the bread. I sliced bits off a dried currant for the eyes, and two natural-color pink jimmies for the lips. Both glued on with peanut butter. 
She looked kind of boring, so I spread more peanut butter in a rough dress shape on top, and sprinkled on naturally colored pink sugar.

Please note that my muffin cups are from Glitterville, and they appear to no longer be available. Which is too bad, as they have gorgeous colors!
 Tools of the Trade
   Bento Decoration Ham Cheese Cookie Cutter Doll Cut Out   


  1. Gingerbread girl is too pretty to eat, I LOVE it and the whole adorable lunch!:)

  2. I love your theme and lunch! The gingerbread girl's hair is awesome!

  3. Gingerbread girl is cute!! Love all the gingerbread details throughout the lunch!

  4. Very cute! I love the detail of the gingerbread carrot.

  5. Great job on the gingerbread girl. She is too cute!

  6. haha..the gingerbread girl is so cute, i love the hair, the dress and OMG, the lips! soo cute

  7. cute!!! Your posts are always so fun to read too!

  8. I love your gingerbread girl! She is fabulous! Lips and all :)

  9. She makes me wanna smooch her little lips!

  10. Oh we have that book!! Little Miss got a gingerbread girl
    Doll at build a bear last year too so she thinks they belong together. Haha :)
    Love the lunch. So cute!

  11. that gingerbread girl is kickass!

  12. So cute, Kendra! I love your gingerbread girl and those grapes are so cute! Ours are gigantic. Way too huge do be cute! I love this lunch. Her hair is my favorite!!

  13. Adorable lunch! She must have been thrilled with how it turned out!

  14. Love the gingerbread.. that girl with the hair is the BEST! I'll have to grab that book at the library. Thanks for linking up to The Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenge too.

  15. Love her dress and those lips!

  16. Great lunch and I like the tie to the book.

    Do you have trouble with the color "bleeding" onto the bread from jimmies or sprinkles when you "glue" them onto the bread? I have noticed that to be a problem when I use them. I have tried using peanut butter, honey, and cream cheese as glue, but haven't been able to avoid the color leaking. Is it less of a problem with natural dyes?

    1. I was worried about that here, since I made it the night before. When I did sugar sprinkles on yogurt, by morning they had dissolved! I haven't had that problem with the peanut butter, since the oil doesn't work the same to dissolve them as water does.
      Artificial dyes are much more potent, and tend to be deeper colors, so it may be that they just bleed more easily. Where I could use just a few drops of fake coloring for a whole batch of frosting, I need 10-20 drops of natural colors for every 1/4 cup!
      Back when I used the fake stuff, I packed the day of (usually right before eating or heading out,) so I don't really have overnight experience with it either.

  17. What adorable gingerbread people!

  18. That's so cute! I really want a gingerbread man, or girl, now haha

  19. My girls just got that book yesterday, and they LOVE it. So so cute. My favorite is her crazy gummy hair.

  20. Very cute ginger-girl! Just love her sparkly dress!

  21. Super cute Kendra....I'm off to find that super cute book too!


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