Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dye-Free Preschool Snacks - Week 1 - December 2012

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Monday, December 3 through Thursday, December 6

Marinara sauce, naan bread
A quickie snack - some tomato dipping sauce in an EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper and some naan bread cut into wedges.

Pure Bliss Acai Coconut Energy Bar bites, grapes,
Snappea Crisps, white cheddar popcorn
I used a mini bear cutter to cut a Pure Bliss Acai Coconut Energy Bar into little bites. Which she didn't eat. She doesn't choose to eat the healthier stuff in her afternoon snacks very often. They eat before going outside to play.

Pomegranate arils, cornbread
I found the present-shaped silicone cup at Target at Christmas a few years ago. Haven't seen them since, although I hear they've been spotted at Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx.

Apple-SunButter-granola "sandwich," root chips
I got the idea to make the apple sandwich from MOMables. I cored an apple, then cut it into slices horizontally. Since her afternoon preschool is nut-free, I used SunButter instead of a nut-butter. And some nut-free granola from Trader Joe's. She didn't eat it, but Mama was hungry and enjoyed it as an "after school" snack!

I found my mini bear cakelet mold in a Sneaky Chef kids baking kit with some other cute stuff in it. I wasn't a fan of the recipes (they had the part for the kids, then separate "secret" instructions for the parents to make and add in. What a pain, keeping track of all that!)

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