Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree!


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Wednesday, 12/19/12 - For the last day of school before the break, I wanted to be sure and have a fun, festive lunch. So naturally I fell asleep with the baby the night before and either had to pack lunch when I woke at 3am, or else risk not having enough time to pack anything in the morning. 3am it is!

Oh, Christmas Tree!
PB-chocolate almond butter sandwich, Colby-Jack cheese, carrots and cucumbers, apples
Oh, Mini Trees!: I used a mini tree cutter on some cucumber and carrot slices (freakishly huge carrots from my organic CSA farm.) Tucked underneath the loose trees, I put extra carrot trees inside the cucumber coin tree holes. Sometimes she'll try new things (or things she doesn't normally like) if I mix it with something she enjoys.

I cut and stamped some cheese trees with a mini tree cookie press. These are great fun for mini sandwiches, cheese, or melon and other softish fruits. Oh. And cookies.

Oh, Candy Tree!: For the sandwich, I used a vintage tree cutter from my mom when she got rid of our childhood stash of cutters. I used peanut butter to glue on a gummy star from Whole Foods and some dye-free Unreal candies (sent in a care package from my buddy Keeley from the Keeley McGuire Blog!)

She did end up eating all the cucumbers, but she made me get her some salt to sprinkle on, "the way Dadda does them!"
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  1. Cute! I love it and that top picture is AWEsome!

  2. Hi! Love your inspirations.
    I wonder if you cook the veggies before cutting or serve them as they are? Thanks....

    1. Nahi - she prefers raw or even frozen veggies, so I don't cook hers, except for ones that are no good raw, like potatoes and yams. I steam or boil the baby's, though, since she hasn't grown enough fangs yet.


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