Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pack 'N Play Lunches

5/12/11 - While I packed a lunch for our MOMS Club craft playdate-in-the-park, Z decided that it was not only a great idea to go potty, but she decided diapers were for sissies. Oh yes, and potties too. So instead of waltzing in 15 minutes late but with a snazzy packed lunch, we showed up at the very end, due to a huge delay for massive Hazmat-style cleanup.
Baby tomatoes, Nutella roll-ups, sprinkles (in blue container,) TERRA chips,
Blackberries, Greek honey yogurt
Z wanted to play in the park for a bit first, and wasn't ready to start decorating her frisbee until the mom in charge put all the supplies away. Of course. But Miss Jessica graciously got her pens back out and let Z color a bit. Another friend came and sat with her and worked on her own frisbee a bit more too.
"Hamsters." She likes drawing knobbly potato-shapes with eyes
and calls  them hamsters.
After everyone left, she was ready to eat her lunch. [After her massive empty-out, I'm amazed she lasted that long without food!]
I used a little bento container to hold the sprinkles, and the TERRA Chips were a sweet potato, blue potato and something else combo. The picks in the roll-up sandwiches are little rearing boars (best I could do to go with the piggy sprinkle box) from a pastel long-pick set from Daiso. The spoon is from Ikea.
She ate all the sprinkles, most of the yogurt, a Nutella roll-up skewer, and all the TERRA chips.

5/3/11 - I got a text to see if Z wanted to come play with her best friend next door, but I had just been starting lunch, so I packed it to go!
PBH cinnamon-raisin English Muffin, Colby Jack cheese squares,
carrot flowers, Ritz, Silk chocolate soy milk box
She ate all the cheese and some of the crackers (normally she likes two crackers per cheese, like a sandwich, so I thought there'd be plenty for us both to share. Nope. Not so much. She ate half the cinnamon-raising English muffin PBHoney sandwich, and some of the carrots. Plus all of her soy milk, and I had to run home for her water bottle too! 
I got the butterfly silicone muffin cup imported from England on eBay. I haven't seen them anywhere else. They came in orange, lime green and turquoise too. Squee! It took over a month to arrive, so the lady had dispatched another set, which arrived the day after my first order! Rather than pay to ship them back, I just bought the second set too. Hopefully there'll be a bento or muffin tin swap somewhere soon! {I also got colorful teddy bear ones!}

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