Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching Up - Preschool Bento

4/15/11 - This bento is from when we went to a 'prepping for preschool' class one of my moms groups is doing once a month. We went to this neat preschool that offers drop-in times as well as 1-5 days per week students. The goal is to slowly get the kids used to a preschool structure, and separation from mommy. And near the end of playtime (just before lunch) the mommies talk about their fears, feelings and everything about letting go and getting themselves ready for drop-off preschool. And then we could choose to scarper off while the kids stayed for lunch. I hung out in the lobby until I got bored, since none of the other moms abandoned their kid were ready to make their child stay without them. I could see us going there at random times, but it's too far from home for a regular location for us.
Ham and cheese sandwich, Annie's Bunnies cookies;
Bunny apples, carrot and broccoli flowers
I used a heavier red rabbit 2-tier bento box from Daiso (I paid $6, I think. Most of their stuff is only $1.50, but I really liked this box.)
I used my Krustbuster to seal the edges of the ham and cheese sandwich, then used the stamper part of one of my sandwich cutters to make a bunny face imprint. I mixed some chocolate and graham Annie's Bunnies together in a silicone bento cup from a set designed to fit into a level of a bento box.
I used a plastic bunny head cutter from a set (I got mine at Daiso) and used the facial feature cutter holes on the other end of the cutter to make eye and nose imprints. They are in a Wilton square silicone muffin liner. I used a new V-shaped blade tool to cut grooves down the sides of a carrot before cutting it into medallions, making them look more like flowers. Much easier than using the veggie cutters on each coin, and great for smaller-sized carrots.
My Lunch
Carrots and broccoli, string cheese nibblets, leftover pasta
I packed my lunch in an EasyLunch Box. She ended up eating most of my cheese, but that's why I packed it, really. It didn't fit in her lunch box. I don't remember what this kind of pasta noodle is called (ziti?) but Unka Seesee has been trying out all the various shaped noodles over time, to add variety and to see which ones we prefer. I'm pretty sure he made a spaghetti sauce with meat and parmesan, for this. Much less messy than spaghetti!

She loved playing at this school and didn't want to leave. They had various themed rooms. The Math Room had shapes, weighing scales, counting and pattern activities, Music and Drama Room had instruments and dress-up. Construction Room had maps, vehicles, blocks, and other building toys. Literacy Room had books and a mini "post office." Science Room had human anatomy charts, growing plants, and nature stuff, but we didn't go in there. And then lots of Pretend Play rooms. Grocery store with a register, play money and shelves stocked with food. Pretend House with washer/dryer, mini kitchen, table and chairs, and loads of food. I think there was a vet clinic too. Plus sensory tables, a circle time room, and a bunch more. They even have a glow-in-the-dark Camping Room!)
Circle/Story time
The Music Room
The Grocery Store

Bento Lunch

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