Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Motherhood

There were a bunch of nice photos of me and my baby (mostly sleeping, some where I actually had all my lady-parts covered!) but they were all taken by my husband. I wanted to find a softer looking one with the both of us, taken by me. [Which is hard. Mostly shots taken in a mirror!] I found this one, from when I was doing shots of various parts of her body while she napped one day. No flash, which is why it's orange-y.
To me, motherhood is about having a child, rather than about being the female parent. And when I picture it, it's always the soft, fuzzy images. Rather than the scruffy, sleep-deprived, stain-covered, angry-faced reality!

I chose this one because it has my arm curled lovingly around her, and her little hand is grasping one of my fingers. Symbiosis. Softness. Unconditional Love. Motherhood.

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