Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching Up - More Bento Lunches

4/16/11 - Since my husband and I both had doctor visits at the same office, we tag-teamed watching The Princess. So I packed her a snack for breakfast or lunch or whatever, depending on when she was hungry and how long we'd be there.
Butterfly Breakfast
PBH, MandMs, Annie's Bunnies, string cheese nibblets, apples
I used my butterfly Lunch Punch and mini butterfly cookie cutter to cut. I put the treats into plastic wedge bento cups. I splashed cinnamon pear cider onto the apples to prevent browning (anything with ascorbic acid/Vitamin C will do, but apple and pear juices are tastier than, say, lemon.)

4/20/11 - I don't remember why I packed this lunch in particular, since I don't see anything on my calendar for that morning. But we had a doctor's appointment (her ear infection follow-up) in the afternoon.
Leftover Lunch
Carrot flowers and Ranch, apple slices;
String cheese nibblets, M's and Bunnies, cheese crackers, mac 'n cheese
(there's a packet of dried seaweed hiding next to the fork as well.)
I used my V-blade to make grooves down the carrot for the carrot flowers. Ranch is in a Tupperware Smidget (not a Midget! They're the size of shotglasses and too big to fit in an EasyLunch box sealed.) The apples are leftover from a Happy Meal. The cheese nibblets and treats were left over from the previous lunch. We got the cheese crackers at Costco and she's the only one who really likes them, so she's slo-o-o-wly going through an industrial-sized bag of Asiago-cheese crackers! The mac 'n cheese (in a lidded container from Kids Konserve) was leftover from the day before, and the fork is from a set I found at Dollar Tree (2 forks, 2 spoons, 1 case, BPA-free - $1!) And I got a huge tub of individually wrapped nori (dried seaweed) from an Asian grocery years ago. Before she was born. We still have over half of it. But I wanted the container it came in (a canister thing with a twist-ff lid with a handle on it!) Luckily, she loves the stuff and views it as a treat! Score! Plus I have some for when I want to use a punch to make faces or whatever.

Fun Find - Act Now!
The Sanrio store had some bento boxes on clearance for half-off! The two metal ones on the left ("Hello Kitty" and "Melody and Friends") were down to $10 each, the two small metal ones (top and middle right) were either $8 or $9 each, and the plastic "Sugar Bunnies" one was only $7!

Z chose the plastic Sugar Bunnies box, which was great, since it was the cheapest! They also had some really neat 1- and 2-tier boxes, but they were full price ($18-22.)



  1. I love your lunch ideas! They're so cute!!


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  2. That's so awesome, I'm not a Hello Kitty lover but I've been looking into getting a Bento, my friend has one that has like 3 different tray layer. It's pretty cool.

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  3. Your meal presentations are darling! I want to see more...

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    PS - I love Sanrio!

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