Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catching Up - CARS Bento

4/27/11 - I don't know how these lunches slipped through the cracks! I was very proud of these ones, and planned them in advance and even brought the tools and foods I'd need to my sister's house!

CARS, Too!
PBJ "lollipops," carrot flowers, cheddar cars, car gummies, strawberry/raspberry/grape medley
(also Pita chips and hummus with carrot cars in the box on the right)
Pilu's Lunch:
I used my car and bus sandwich punches with pretzel sticks in between the bread to make the "sandwich lollipops."
The mini car cheese and carrots were cut using a tiny car-shaped cutter from Daiso.
For the carrot flowers, I used my V-shaped blade (also from Daiso) to cut grooves down the sides of a carrot, then cut it into coins.

Since Pilu is indiscriminate when it comes to cheese, I gave her just one car and all the scraps.

Z's Lunch:
I added garlic hummus and Parmesan, Garlic and Herb Stacy's Pita Chips to Z's meal because I had brought some to snack on for the drive over, and the other girls aren't really into trying new things, so I didn't bother giving them any. Tually tried a chip, and I ended up eating the leftovers. Omnomnom.

For the car carrots, I had to slice the carrot into lengthwise flats to have a large enough surface for the cutter. I only bothered for Z's, since they spruced up the hummus nicely. She also hadn't been eating any of the strawberries lately, so I didn't bother giving her any. And I left her grapes on the stem, since she prefers them that way.

Tually's Lunch:
I got the larger muffin liners from Target's Easter selection, and the smaller ones were from after-Easter clearance at Target years ago. Either before Z was born, or when she was a baby.
The gummy cars are from Ikea.

The sandwich pops were a big hit with Z and Tually. Pilu mostly played with them.

[*Notice my shameless product placement? I love McD's Sweet Tea, and always get a large on my drive over! This cup had actually been refilled with water, since Z had wanted to drink from my cup, and I was saving on dirty dishes by re-using it while I was there.]

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