Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Easter (Sort Of...)

The Friday night before Easter we spent at my sister's (Auntie Kayneen's) house so we'd be there in time to do a local egg hunt out by her, and then the family Easter party in the afternoon. The girls were all bubble-bathed and dried and pajamaed, and waiting for stories (from Unka Rop.) He was reading to Pilu in her room, since she had gone crazy and couldn't handle story time with the older two. Meanwhile, Z strips off her jammies in order to wear a bunny "costume" (too-small baby bathrobe with bunny ears.) I snap some pics of her hopping in her "costume," which she wants to see, and then she commandeers my camera and I get bored and wander off.

These are (some of) the photos I found when I uploaded to my computer after getting home. Looks like there was quite a lot of camera sharing. Which is surprising, but fantastic!
Tually, by Z
Z fixing hood, by Tually
Something is a foot (Get it? Afoot?) by ??
Tually wants another turn, by Z
Tually bored, by Z
Tually up close, by Z
Z fixing hood... again, by Tually
Z's discarded pajamas, by ??
Z, by Tually
The baby gate in the bedroom doorway, by ??
There were also a ton of close-ups of Tually's PJs (down the tummy and legs shots taken by Tually,) bits of wall or bedsheets, fingers-on-the-lens shots, and headless Tuallys (by Z.)

Check out the other pint-sized photography this week!

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  1. Thanks for joining in & linking back! Gotta love when that happens - love those little surprises when I download my photos! xx


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