Monday, May 30, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Memorial Day - Red, White and Blue!

I wanted to be sure and make a fancy Muffin Tin Meal this week, since I've kind of been slacking this past while, but I haven't been brainstorming ideas lately, and we've been busy cleaning the house in preparation for her birthday party. As part of my cleaning efforts, I was charged with trying to cram all my bento and "beautiful lunch" gear into my 2 cupboards and rolly drawers. Again. I had bought a bunch of new plastic cookie cutters at a thrift store (around 50 for $2.50.) I just opened the packages and put them away Friday night, and found a flag and America cutters. Score! Perfect for a patriotic holiday... too bad there aren't, oh, like a whole bunch coming up soon...

Memorial Day - Red, White and Blue!
Cherries, marshmallows, sugar sprinkles, Greek yogurt,
carrots, PB-banana-strawberry "Flag," banana and strawberry stars
I used my new flag cutter on a slice of bread, but the flag pole was waaaay too skinny, so I snipped off the part that went below the flag. I then used the top-of-the-pole part of the cutter on a bit of crust to make a darker pole. I spread peanut butter on the open-face sandwich to make everything stick. I sliced a banana and large strawberry into sheets lengthwise, and then used the top of the flag part of the cutter to make "stripes." Blue sugar sprinkles for the blue, since I don't have any blueberries, and then some little banana bits as stars. I used a mini star cutter on the leftover banana and strawberry slices.

I used a teeeeeeny tiny star cutter from a set I found at a craft store over with the FIMO and Sculpey clays on the carrot, and my larger mini star on some of the coins, but it was too big. I can't find my in-between-sized star cutter.

Cherries because they're red, and Cherry Pie is so American, right? Right up there with Apple Pie!
I still had some pink star marshmallows leftover from Christmas (Mmmmm. Just slightly stale! Perfect!)
I put blue and red sugar sprinkles in a mini star bonbon cup I found at Kitchen Collections, and Honey Greek Yogurt in a blue star cup (available in-store only) from World Market (in case she needed to move it closer, or needed to get a better angle to get all the yumminess out.)
This picture looks super cute, but really she's saying that her cherry is
shaped like a butt, and having a juvenile potty humor laugh over it.
Ah well.
After showing me that each cherry looked like a humorous body part,
she went immediately for the sugar sprinkles and yogurt.
She was super excited about her "fyaykk" sandwich with PB and banana. "And spinkles!" She's never had PB Banana before. She also loved the teeeeeny tiny carrot stars. Too bad they were such a PITA to make. (I had to use a little pick to get them out of the cutter. And I could make 3-4 per carrot coin, so I would have been there all DAY if I had done the whole carrot that way! Sheesh!)

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