Monday, May 23, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Beach Baby Breakfast

Another week with no muffin tin meals! Until I was uploading my pictures and found this one from my birthday last Monday! It's a follow-up to her Zevel Knievel MTM the day before. When I do a dinner MTM, she usually wants a similar one again for breakfast.
Mac 'N Cheese, pepperoni, carrots,
fries, blackberries, ketchup
Since she was still sick, she ate very little of it. She did eat the fries though, and tried the pepperoni. I can't remember if I ate both the carrots or if she ate some. I was sick too. Plus I'm plagued with Mommy Brain.

Since her fever was below 101 F, I took her to the beach that we hadn't been able to go to with her preschool class the day before. Two of the other classes were going that day, but we got there after everyone had left, I guess. She only lasted about 30 minutes on the beach, since she was still sick and it was very windy.
She found loads of shells for me to carry home in the bucket I had brought, but she tucked the smaller ones away in her pockets.
"Nook, Mommy! I found a CAM!" [clam]
On the way home, she asked for McDonalds, and since I can't say no to their Sweet Tea, we went. After she was done eating (2 nuggets, instead of her usual 3 to 4,) she got out her little pocket treasures!
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  1. I feel like she was just sick! poor baby!

  2. She was... still... sick. Let's see... today is her first day without coughing, so it only lasted... 12 days. Ugh.


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