Sunday, May 15, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Zevel Knievel Snack

I've been lazy tired/busy/distracted lately and haven't really been putting any thought or effort into making my bento or Muffin Tin meals. And this weekend wasn't looking promising, since Monday is my birthday, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to slave over something this weekend. Then, Saturday night, Z got a fever (102.5) to add to her snookie nose and cough. Sunday morning her fever was lower (100.3) and she was acting chipper, so we went out to the mall to shop. Happy Birthday to ME! We hit my favorite kids' clothing stores, and my husband "splurged" and bought some clearance Gymboree clothes that I picked out. Squee! (Even their clearance prices are more than I'll pay anywhere else! $6 for a T-shirt? Really? REALLY?!) She also chose a clearance dress at Old Navy that she wanted to try on in a dressing room "just like Daddy." Once on, she insisted she be allowed to wear out of there. So we put her up on the counter and the cashier scanned the tag coming out of the arm hole, and off she went!
After my free Auntie Anne's pretzel (got my free birthday pretzel coupon,) we were headed to the carousel (the outlet mall near us has a real carousel!) only to find that it was closed for the day. Z saw the rock-climbing wall right next to the carousel, and wanted to try that instead. So $6.50 later, she's all harnessed up and hanging in mid-air. Silly girl kept letting go of the wall! She held on a few times, but freaked out once she got higher than we could reach, and wanted to get down.
Then, on the way to the coin-operated carousel (not nearly as awesome as the real one, but it'll do in a pinch,) we passed a bungee jumping attraction. Well. She just had to try this as well. We were a little hesitant, after throwing away $6 on the rock climbing, but she was adamant, so we shelled out another $6 for 3 minutes of air-time. While we waited in line I told her that she might be scared, and that it would be okay. I asked where she wanted us to stand to help her feel braver. And when one little boy who went ahead of us was crying, I pointed out that he was scared, and pointed out again after he had calmed down and was having fun. Then it was her turn.
She. Had. A. Blast!
She was a little torpedo, rocketing around in the sky! She was squealing with laughter and smiling the whole time. People walking by all stopped to exclaim how cute she looked, or about how much fun she was having.
Not a bad day for a little sickie-pie. Then off to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner, where she almost fell asleep on the table.

She ended up conking out on the drive home, but woke up screaming and hitting when I transferred her into her bed. Once she calmed down. I tried laying in her room with her, but she was awake. So, up we got. She asked for a snack, and I decided I could throw something together into a muffin tin, and actually have an MTM to post this week! Huzzah!
Pepperoni, carrot, string cheese nibblets,
Pirate's Booty, blackberries, orange wedge
The pepperoni was extra, taken off a Papa Murphy's take 'n bake pizza the other day (and saved in the fridge. Since you pay the same price for half-cheese/half-pepperoni and all-pepperoni, we just take half the pepperoni off!) The orange wedge was left over from her Red Lobster kids meal.
She pretty much just ate the Pirate's Booty. I wasn't expecting much, since she's not feeling her best, and her fever was back up to 102.4. It's okay... she'll be hungry at breakfast...


  1. She is braver than I am. I don't think I could have climbed the wall or jumped the great jump.

  2. That bungee jumping attraction looks AWESOME!!! Great MTM as well, I hope she feels better!!

  3. What a hoot. She is one brave cookie and looks so cute flying up in the air and also on the rock wall. Hope she is feeling better today. And Happy Birthday to you my dear!

  4. Hope that Z is feeling better - and that you had a happy birthday! So cool that she went rock climbing and everything (I can just see my Muffin letting us anywhere NEAR her with a harness...)!

  5. omg look at her go!!! so cute!

  6. Happy Birthday! What a great mall you have. I didn't know malls had climbing rock walls and bungee jumping. Looks like she had a blast. Sorry she wasn't feeling well.
    Great snack muffin tin though

  7. Awesome photo of her in action! That blonde hair is beautiful!


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