Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WFLW - Pic-i-nic Bento

Last time I was over babysitting at my sister's house, the girls wanted a picnic lunch, so I packed it all into a large tupperware-type box and we took it outside!
String cheese, frozen GoGurts, Mott's Apple Cinnamon Pastry, carrots,
PBJ fingers, butter fingers
Tually had wanted her string cheese left whole, for pulling, but the younger two wanted nibblets. To make it easier for Tually, I cross-hatched the end with tic-tac-toe-board-style cuts.
I had frozen the GoGurts, then used a steak knife to cut them in half (I stored the spare half back in the freezer.)
I found these Mott's Apple and Cinnamon Pastry treats on clearance at Rite-Aid, and gave them a shot (at 75% off, I figured it was worth trying!) Z loved them, the other girls, not so much.
(Unka Rop's legs,) Little Z, (Rosie the doll,) Tually, Pilu, (Purple Puppy)
I had filled an empty spaghetti-sauce jar with watered-down cranberry juice, and used it to refill the girls' cups, as needed. I made sure to get a jar with a lid, which was very foresightful of me, since they knocked it over quite a few times!
The picnic was a huge-ish success. Everyone (mostly) got along, and they had loads of fun. I even had to go back and refill the juice jar. But they ate very little, with only Z finishing her GoGurt. I put the rest of the lunch on a chair while they played, and they'd come back to forage periodically, until the dog came and ate it all when I wasn't looking was consoling Z, whose drink had been kicked over. Everything except the carrots.

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  1. Looks like the girls had fun with their picnic bento! Yay for mom! I bet the dog loves you too. :)


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