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Muffin Tin Monday - Forever Easter

I hadn't really gotten inspired to do a special themed MTM for Muffin Tin Monday this week, and didn't really have time this weekend since I was volunteering at a garage sale for one of my moms clubs during lunch time both days, and wouldn't have time to get anything made before leaving. But I spent two days watching my nieces again this week, but since Unka Rop was able to pick Tually up from preschool the second day (well, both days, really,) I made a communal MTM instead of packing bento lunches for in the car.

Forever Easter (At Least Until I Run Out of Fancy Cupcake Liners!)
Strawberries, Butter Fingers, Carrot flowers, PBJ;
Grapes, Goldfish, Cheddar butterflies, PBJ
I had brought my veggie cutting pen tool, Easter liners and picks from home, and then used my sister's scuzzy 8-cup muffin pan and her mini butterfly cutter for the cheese. I used the yellow liners with a white bunny and the white liners with a yellow chickie on them from Target (since I had the most of them!) and then a matching Chickie pick, and an egg and bunny pick from my new Wilton stash (again, since I had the most of them. Well. I had more of the bunnies that matched the liners. but they're totally cuter, so I saved them.)
I love this new V-shaped blade I got from Daiso for cutting grooves down the sides of a carrot to make the coins look like flowers. Z usually eats a whole carrot when I do them like this, and Tually really likes them too.
For Tually I made a half-sandwich with butter, then cut it into thirds lengthwise, then those into half, to make skinny little fingers. They were a big hit. 
For Z and Pilu, I went with a whole PBJ and cut it into sixths as well. I think I ended up eating the whole thing.
I tucked all the cheese scraps under the butterflies, and after letting Pilu grab all a few butterflies, I dug under and tossed her the scraps as well. She's not good with the sharing when it comes to cheese!
I happened to choose 3 picks from my disposable Easter pick stash, which worked out perfectly, as each kid picked a different one, so everyone was happy! I know, right? A Kodak moment! Tually chose the Chick, and Z is really into bunnies right now, so that worked out. She probably would have been happy with the chick too, if Tually had chosen the bunny. As long as I called it a duckie. I gave Pilu the egg pick, and she was pleased as punch. She isn't often given potential weapons.

Tually had eaten a little on the ride home, since they normally pack a snack each way in case she hadn't eaten enough breakfast or hadn't eaten snack at school (which is usually, apparently.) So I was pleased at how much she actually ate.
I think Tually tried to eat everything with the pick. The goldfish weren't a big success, so she used her fingers for those. Everything else was skewered, though.
They ate all the grapes, and I had to get seconds. They ate most of the cheese, and some of the butter sandwich. None of the PBJ. Over half of the goldfish and most of the strawberries and carrots. Z chose a little of each, and ate practically nothing. Except grapes. There was a little scuffle before I finally convinced both older girls that there were, in fact, plenty of extra grapes so knock it off already! [Insert Grapes of Wrath joke here.]
Zoe showing me how she feels about sharing "her" beautiful lunch.
Oh yes. And for those of you who noticed the orange band-aid on Z's face, it's covering a bruise she got because she didn't listen one too many times tried to jump over the arms of the couch and the chair next to it and tripped and faceplanted onto the chair's other arm. Roughly 10 seconds after she was done crying, she was back at it again, despite me reminding her that the "no jumping on the couch" rule is for her safety for this very reason. She's not one for respecting the rules that interfere with her fun.

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  1. We have just started using picks. JDaniel really likes them. What wonderful foods! JDaniel would eat the goldfish first.


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