Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WFLW - Mr. Apple And The Worm

For this week's after-gym bento, I wanted to do another fun food face. Again with the apple, since we have loads of them. But his time with a little extra fun! And I got to use my brand new Goodbyn!

Top to bottom, left to right: Monterey Jack cheese leaves, gummy vitamin, Turkey/pickle sandwich with cucumber 'apples'; Water, caramel dip from McD's;
Broccoli and green beans, apple slices and Mr. Apple, carrots and Ranch
The "idea" was an apple theme, so I did Mr. Apple, in a broccoli "tree" with carrot "twigs" and cucumber "apples" with the sandwich to tie it all together. The gummy worm is actually coming out of a hole I cut in the apple.
I was all excited planning out our lunch the night before. Luckily I did most of the work Monday night, since Tuesday morning I dinked around until 40 minutes before class... and still had to shower, get us dressed, finish the lunches, and get to gym!
As I was figuring out what to put in the lunches and where it would all go, I realized a fatal error in my plan... the Goodbyn is bigger than any of my cooler packs! So I packed it all up with everything but the sandwich (and hadn't put the gummy worm in with the apples yet,) froze the water bottle, and put the whole Goodbyn in the fridge to cool overnight.
I cut out the cheese the night before, and put scraps in an EasyLunchbox for myself. I sliced the carrots and broccoli too. Cut the apple and carved the face, then sloshed in apple juice to prevent browning and piled them all in. I also cut a few cucumber coins and used an apple-shaped cutter. The extra coins went into my lunch. I sliced thins from the broccoli stem too, since they were such a hit last time.
I had planned on doing fancy PBJs or roll-ups or something the morning of, but when faced with no time, I whipped up some leftover turkey sandwiches on leftover potato rolls. Buttered for me, mayo for her, and I found a partially sliced pickle left in the fridge to pickle-fy them.
As I was putting hers in the box and taking pics, she came in, got a plate out of her cupboard, and swiped my sandwich off the cutting board. Argh. So I just grabbed some pita bread to go with the hummus for my lunch.
PB (for dipping apples,) cheese scraps, torn pita bread,
carrot/broccoli/cucumber/green bean mix,
and hummus in the KidsKonserve container

The gummy worm was snatched out and inhaled
before my camera was ready.
Then she actually LOOKED at her lunch!

After spitting out the first 3 bites of green bean (why she kept trying them I'll never know!) she decided she liked them after all and ate all of hers plus most of mine! She dipped the broccoli (and several apples) in the caramel sauce (ick) and ate the tops off. She kept licking the cheese then dropping it on the floor. I finally confiscated them. She had several big bites of sandwich and all of the pickle. And, of course, the gummy worm and vitamin. I'm fairly sure she ignored the carrots, but between us we finished off most of the lunch.

Bonus bento:
She slept in Monday before preschool and missed breakfast, so I packed a lunch to snack on for the way to and from school.
Sliced cheese stick, gummy vitamin (Ranch in Smidget underneath,) green beans,
half of a PBJ (with PB/Nutella sandwich rolls underneath,) sliced apples, sliced carrots.
Hummus in KidsKonserve container.
She ate most of the sandwich, gummy vitamin and a carrot stick during school before I cut her off to leave room for the school snack (it was my day in the Parent Ed room, so I brought her lunch in just in case.) After class she ate all the cheese and parts of the PB/Nutella roll-ups. I don't know if she ate any beans or carrots, but she had smeared Ranch in unlikely places, so she probably had some veggies. As far as I could tell, all the apples were left behind.

Bento Lunch

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  1. LOL on the gummy worm coming out of the apple! Funny about the green beans, I guess some things are just a mystery :-)


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