Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food Play - Mr. Apple And His Turkey Sandwich

I was browsing a thrift store with my sister recently, when I came across the book Food Play by Saxton Freymann mistakenly placed in with the cookbooks.
Well. Let me tell you. His food sculptures are crazy good. He takes fruits and vegetables and uses their natural features, plus a little creative carving, to make faces and figures. You can see some of the pictures at Amazon.com, plus more from his other books. Just amazing. And inspiring!
So Saturday, for lunch, I decided to have a little fun.
Little Z wanted a turkey sandwich for lunch. (No surprise there. She's been asking for them a lot lately. Luckily, we have many Thanksgiving leftovers and can oblige!) We were low on bread as I recall, and my husband was running errands (including a trip to the grocery store for bread) so I decided to use my last little sandwich bread round, since I bought them in October and didn't want to save it until it got stale or moldy! She likes mayo and sliced pickles on her turkey sandwiches too. I prefer butter. I'm good either way on the pickles.

I also found some mini apples in our apple-and-bread basket. No clue where they came from, but probably the Farmer's Market on the way to the bus stop from my husband's work. Anyway, this tiny apple inspired me to do something fun.

Nothing too complex. And nowhere near as skilled as my inspiration, but I'd never practice enough to be THAT good, so I'll settle. I just hacked out some eye holes and put in chocolate jimmies sprinkles for pupils. made a shallow outline for the mouth and used the tip of my knife to slowly slice under the peel to cut it out, then deeper cuts for teeth and the rest of the mouth. Little Z refused to eat it. I even took it back and peeled the peel off the back side (she doesn't like peel. I'll find a pile of little bit-off-and-spit-out peel bits if I give her an unpeeled apple.) She finally took a few tiny bites, then said I could eat it, then got upset when I ate his face off. The sprinkles gave it a nice flavor though.

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  1. I'm LOL big time~! You ate the face???? Oh that is so funny.. Carving food looks so cool ~
    Making food look edible is our goal in getting children to eat.. but carving food looks like they don't want to eat it because it is way toooo cool... and cute..
    ta ta for now from Iowa


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