Friday, November 5, 2010

House Party - Nabisco's Simple Holiday Pleasures

A while back I applied to host a House Party, where manufacturers do a 'grass roots'-type effort and have people throw parties and send them free stuff and ideas to help them. I got selected to host a Nabisco Nilla Wafers and Maxwell House International Cafe coffees 'Simple Holiday Pleasures' party. It was supposed to be on November 6th, but I am going to be out of town that day with the MOMS Club for their yearly luncheon, so I'm having mine on the 13th.
I got my box of swag just before Halloween.
It was stuffed with boxes of Nilla Wafers. 15 to give to guests, and 3 to use in recipes featured at the party. 3 flavors of Maxwell House International Cafe instant coffee. 15 magnets and grocery list pads with product logos fr the guests. Product coupons for the guests. Napkins and plates with product logos. And a mug and cloth grocery bag with logos for the host. Me.

I'm still slogging through recipes to try and decide what I want to make (and post about!) but I plan on doing something similar to my Kids' Cooking Class mini cheesecakes with the kids. And I got some foam leaf stickers from Oriental Trading Company (I logged into my Upromise account first and linked from there to earn 5% of my total purchase towards Z's college fund.) So hopefully I'll be able to think up some fun craft too!
I'm super excited, and SUPER nervous, since my house is nowhere near guest-readiness, and I'm out of town all day this Saturday, and then the party is only a week away! Plus I still have to decide what foods to have/make and what I'll need to buy, plus actually go to the store, and then make it!

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  1. Will have to check with Tom, but the plan was for him to work that weekend so that we could go to Great Wolf Lodge on Mon/Tue.


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