Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gratitude Project

Last year on Facebook people posted every day in November one thing (or more!) they were grateful for. So I'm going to try and do that again, and then add each day's post here. (So you can wait until the end to read it all, or follow me on FB, or check back on this post periodically!)

11/1/10 - I am grateful that despite years of trying, treatments, tests, surgeries, mortifyingly personal procedures and conversations, and an emotional roller-coaster unlike any other, that we still loved each other enough to create and raise our wonderful child together.
11/2/10 - I am thankful today for baby-steps. We're slo-o-o-o-wly weaning, she's getting more comfortable doing gym class and preschool without me glued to her side. We're constantly hearing her improve her vocabulary, pronunciation and enunciation. She's trying new things and getting better at familiar skills in gym class. And as long as she's going to keep growing and gaining weight, I'm glad she knows how to walk!

11/3/10 - I am thankful today that my child mostly sleeps through the night. Mostly. If I'm in bed with her. Unless she's sick, or gets chilly. And she does still wake me up a few times several nights a week. But it's less of an ordeal since she goes right back to sleep, and I don't have to get up and slog around the house to help her. But really, it could be worse (I see that on sick days!)

11/4/10 - I am thankful today for multimedia! Netflix, DVDs, portable DVD players, DVD-Rom drives on computers, internet, etc. Thanks to Elmo and Dora and now Strawberry Shortcake and Kipper, I have been able to take showers every morning without banging and crying at the shower door the whole time! For the first several months, I'd shower at night, or get up before my husband in order to get clean! (Or skip... bleah.) Then I'd just strap her into the bouncer seat and listen to her cry. Then I'd listen to her cry and explore under the sink. Then I broke down and started letting her watch TV 'early.' Ahhhh...

11/5/10 - Today I am thankful for disposable diapers. While I support anyone choosing to save the earth one diaper at a time, it's just not for me. At least not with Little Miss Toxic Sludge-Bottom. If she were consistent, we could just put disposables on her a certain time of day or something. But no. And while disposables definitely cost more, I can tell you right now - I'd rather throw out some of her diapers with surprise chewy centers than scrape and wash them!

11/6/19 - Today I am thankful for all my moms clubs. The first new friends I've had in *cough*mumble*cough* years! I'm super excited to be going to the MOMS Club's annual luncheon in Portland today... my alarm is going off in 3.5 hours so I can get up in time... I get a whole Mom's Day Out with a great group of ladies, one of whom roped me into being "Co-President" [you know who you are!] of our chapter. At least our display board is gaaaaaaaah-jussssss! [Which I also got roped into doing/helping with.]

11/7/10 - Today I am grateful that my husband is supportive of my choice to be a stay-at-home-mom, and understanding that being home all day with a child *IS* a job, and one without lunch breaks or sick leave, at that! And I'm thankful that he's willing to take over occasionally so I can go out for an evening or even a whole day to spend some time with my peeps!

11/8/10 - Today I am grateful that I have a child who, if she happens to poop in the tub, TELLS ME right away. And that she then asked to sit on the potty, where she pooped SOME MORE. But I am especially thankful that my husband cleans poopy tubs and bath toys, while I'm just responsible for poopy potty bowls and baby bottoms!

11/9/10 - Today I am thankful that I have a clever child. Sometimes too clever. Sunday morning I needed more sleep, so I set her up in front of her shows, and then awoke later to find that she had moved her desk chair into her bedroom so that she could bust into her top dresser drawer - the one with all the potty presents!

11/10/10 - Today I am thankful for Unka Seesee. I didn't realize how much I worry about unlikely intruders when alone until both he and my hubby were gone one night. Every little noise was a potential kidnapper or rapist or something. It doesn't even occur to me to be afraid if there's another adult in the house. Plus he cooks!

11/11/10 - Today I am thankful for extra pairs of clean jeans. Usually I just need to own 2 pairs - 1 in the dirty clothes, 1 on my butt. But you never know when you're going to knock a bottle of wine all over the couch as you're sitting down. And it wasn't even *my* wine! I am also thankful for clean underwear.

11/12/10 - Today I am thankful for hot running water. Getting into a hot shower on a cold morning.... ahhhh.

11/13/10 - Today I am thankful for sleep. I just wish I could get enough! I even find that I'm lagging more on the days she skips her nap... not because I miss the "me" time, but because I miss the extra chance to snooze!

11/14/10 - Today I was going to be thankful for being comfortable enough financially to be able to go to Disney on Ice (and buy a $15 cotton candy -_-) but instead I am thankful that she finally fell asleep at 11:30pm, 2:30am and 7 am and we somehow still got up in time to make it to Disney on Ice. I am also thankful that I got to nap today.
Oh yes. I am also thankful we got the fridge fixed.

11/15/10 - Today I am thankful for our house. Through unemployment, living in separate states, more unemployment, working a year without pay and now on one income so I can stay at home, we've managed to keep our wonderful home for 10 years!

11/16/10 - I'll probably jinx myself here, but today I am thankful that I haven't caught my family's cold. And quite frankly I'm shocked, since I certainly was asking for it by keeping late hours and not getting enough sleep. Plus my lax attitude about preventative hygiene. I mean, it's not like I wash my hand each time I wipe her nose. *Unless I was at your house touching all over your stuff. Then, of course I washed each time. 

11/17/10 - This day I was going to be thankful for my new mani/pedi (with flowers painted on!) but then we were diverted to my sister's house, where I have limited (almost no) internet access. So instead I am thankful that our moms and sisters all live nearby, so we can drop-by anytime for a visit! And as Z is starting to enjoy being left at Nana's or Grammelena's house, hopefully we can do more drop-offs soon too!

11/18/10 - This day I was thankful that Little Z's vomiting finally stopped. And SUPER thankful that not only did my sister not freak and kick us out, but she helped me get the sheets and first sets of jammies in the wash, and got new jammies and a convenient bowl that we used from 11pm 'til 3am, then again at 7am. Phew!

11/19/10 - Today I am thankful that I don't have to shower in the woombie every day.

11/20/10 - Today I am thankful for my awesome In-Laws. I have 2 fantabulous sisters-in-law (technically 3, but I haven't met one of them yet,) and 2 brothers-in-law, 2 fantastic mothers-in-law and a father-in-law, and a wonderful pair of grandparents-in-law. All of them love my child (at least the ones who've met her) and have made me truly feel like part of the family - from the first time I met them, 14 years ago!
(nephews and nieces don't count as in-laws... since I'm not called an Auntie-in-Law)

11/21/10 - Today I am thankful for books. Without my reading material, I would be totally bored. I read whenever there's nothing else to do. In the doctor's waiting room, in the exam room, heck, even DURING some exams if my input isn't needed! I read in the bathroom, while I brush my teeth, while I lounge in my towel to dry off. And now I get to read to my child, who has a thirst for books, and we not only teach her vocabulary and syntax, but also we get quality one-on-one time.

11/22/10 - Today I am thankful that my husband loves me. I'm slobby, lazy, destined to a life of flabby thighs (and arms and belly and butt,) I shop on impulse way too much, and go over budget almost weekly. Yet still he loves me, and even finds me attractive, even after the 'ravages' of pregnancy and childbirth, and inattention to diet and exercise.

11/23/10 - Oog. Today I am thankful that Froot Loops taste almost as good coming back up. I am also thankful that my husband was snowed in from work today, so I have someone else to feed/amuse/get jumped on by the offspring.

11/24/10 - Today I am thankful that my flu/food poisoning was very mild, and that the cutie I babysat today was super easy to watch. This was my first time since my early teens watching a child not directly related to me, and I was terrified. I don't really like Other People's Kids, but I was happy to be able to help out a friend in a pinch, and this one was pretty mild and let Z boss her around and take toys away and she even ate my homemade turkey nuggets (even though she doesn't usually like meat!)

11/25/10 - (Thanksgiving Day) - Today I am thankful for family. Family in general, and OUR family in particular. I am thankful that OUR (both my husband's and mine) family loves us both, and our child. I am thankful to HAVE a child. And I am thankful that there's no one we'd rather not have at the holidays. I am thankful that we can comfortably and happily be around every single member of our family, and enjoy getting together.

11/26/10 - Today I am thankful for a stress-free Thanksgiving. By having one family's on the Thursday, and another family's on the Friday, no one is rushing around trying to appease everyone in one day (and our family celebrations are a 90+ minute drive apart!) We can enjoy each gathering without one eye on the clock. We can indulge in everyone's food without being too full from the first party, or saving room for the second. And the best part? Extra leftovers? Well yes, that's nice. But the REALLY best part? MULTIPLE ROUNDS OF PIES! In our 3 Thanksgivings (One the Saturday before, with Nana as a birthday celebration as well) there were over 10 pies and desserts! Pecan and pumpkin pies on Saturday; pecan, pumpkin, apple with something red in it... raspberries? Gluten-free pumpkin something, and some other pie on Thursday; and cherry, blackberry, black-bottom (chocolate mousse and something white on top,) pumpkin, and apple on Friday's. Omnomnomnomnom!

11/27/10 - Today I am thankful for "Beautiful Lunches." I am thankful to have a creative outlet, since my scrapbooking, drawing and gaming-miniatures painting all got left behind in favor of motherhood. I can't just snatch a moment here and there for my old hobbies, since it takes so long to get everything out and set up. And with Grabby McGrabberson around, I can't leave things set up! But now I can make a Skippyjon Jones sandwich, a caramel spider, or even just cheese cut out with a cookie cutter. Not only is it inspiring me to make healthier choices, I'm also trying to actually cook.

11/28/10 - Today I am thankful that there are so many wonderful tools and accessories to make my "lunch art" easier. I am also thankful that my husband helped me clear out some cupboards to store all my tools and accessories. 
2 shelves of muffin tins in the upper cupboard (1 for Christmas tins, 1 for Halloween plus all my various sprinkles,) 1 shelf of specialty food items (fruit leather, animal cookies, breakfast bars for me - I never get breakfast if I'm busy making her a fancy lunch before we leave!)
A cool corner cupboard below with 2 large lazy-susan shelves to utilize the whole space. I have a shoebox full of muffin tin liners, and one full of Little Z's cooking utensils (her colored measuring cups and spoons, her Head Chef utensils, mini mixing spoons, etc.) 3 more boxes, each full of Easter, Halloween and Christmas cutters (separated by box.) 2 larger boxes, one full of assorted bento gear (veggie cutters, picks, nori punches, baran, plus whatever else I toss in there when I'm too lazy to put it away.) The other has all my sandwich shapers. Lunch Punch, KrustBuster, etc. Plus all the rest of my muffin tins and ice cube trays, bags of chocolate for melting down later (just needed somewhere for it to live in the meantime!) and a smaller box with candies in it (to use to mold into shapes or to use as eyes or whatever.)
Whew! And I still have loads of it on the counters, and store the lunch boxes (my EasyLunch, KidsKonserve, ECO-Lunchbox, plus some new ones) in Z's dishes cupboard.

11/29/10 - Today I am thankful that the library employees don't throw stones at me for letting my child run around like a wild Hillbilly while I look for books. No matter how tired she is. No matter how much she claims she didn't want to go to the library. No matter how much I prepare her in advance by reminding her that the library is a Quiet Place where we use our Walking Feet. It's like letting loose a flock of wild birds once we get inside.

11/30/10 - And finally - Today I am thankful for my daughter. I would have loved any child. But I am so loving having this particular one. She's smart, funny, adorable, imperfect, and frustrating. She challenges me constantly to become a better person and a better Mommy. I have learned responsibility, humility, selflessness, persistence, and patience... Oh yes. And more annoying theme songs than I ever thought possible.

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