Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We Had SNOW Much Fun!

Last year it didn't really snow. Her snow boots were just used for puddle splashin'. The year before there was a little snow, but she was just a larvae still, so didn't really get to enjoy it. 

But this year... THIS year... the fun begins!
Monday 11/22/10
It had snowed a little bit overnight, but nothing to write home about. As we were piling into the car to go to preschool, big, fat, fluffy flakes began to fall. My husband urged me to stay home, and since the windshield had as much snow again as had fallen the night before, in just the short time we got buckled, I agreed. Daddy was still home because he missed the bus, and he didn't want to drive his Mustang in the snow [Pfft! Why not? I'm sure performance tires do great on icy roads!] So he worked from home, and took Z outside during his lunch break.

She made snow angels! She's been aching to make snow angels! She makes 'carpet angels' and 'bedsheet angels' all the time! I don't even know where she learned about them.
All that practice paid off!
She was also a snow-eating fiend. She ate...
And ate...
And ate!
Unka Seesee even brought in a bowl of snow for her later, and we dribbled strawberry syrup on it... she made Daddy go back out for seconds!

Daddy started building a snowman. Little Z 'helped.' And then knocked it down. And then knocked it down again. And again.
Finally I distracted her (by letting her pelt me with snowballs) long enough for Daddy to finish. She wanted to eat the carrot nose!
Krusty the Snowman Pimp
For a while she would just dead-drop backwards into the snow to make snow angels. After a while she started rolling around in it. The next-door neighbor girl came out to play, so they had fun tromping around. When I first tried to jam her into her snowsuit she cried and fought me the whole time. Now she gets all excited to put it on to go outside! My sister found me the snowsuit at a thrift store for $8, and we bought the boots on clearance for $20. Money well spent! (I found the hat (with matching gloves) super cheap somewhere... it's sized for 7-year-olds, so it fell off a lot, but she loves it!) The mittens were on clearance for $1 at Toys R Us last year, so I snapped up a few pairs of extra-small! We had to change them out when they got too wet!
I, however, do not have snow gear. My cute new rain boots just didn't cut the mustard. And I only have knit gloves. My husband walks a bunch to and from the bus, so he just got some snow boots, and had thick winter gloves. Rat fink. On day 2 of snow, I wore longjohns from when I was pregnant (I didn't ever get too hot... I was always freezing up until the last month!) and doubled up on socks. Better, but not perfect.

"Hot toh-toh" was the only incentive that would lure her back in so I could get feeling back into my fingers and toes. She has had more hot cocoa in 2 days of snow than all previous times combined! (I have used the Ovaltine in her cold milk, but I use way less than recommended. At least the Ovaltine I got works for hot drinks too! Get some extra nutriments in there!)

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  1. In the dry powder snow especially, don't worry if mom doesn't have snow gear, just put longjohns or pajamas under pants, two pairs of socks and double up gloves. I did that and was able to play as long as the kids. However even on day two our snow was too dry to make snowmen. We coudn't even make a snowball!
    Aunt Kayneen


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