Friday, November 5, 2010

mighty yummy dOnuts!

11/3/2010 - On Wednesday we skipped ballet class to go on a tour of an organic donut shop with the MOMS Club. I got up on time, checked traffic online, and let the princess sleep until the last possible second, since she's had a very mild cold and has been sleeping extra lately. It was a little further than we usually like to go, but I felt that this was an opportunity not to be missed! We left 40 minutes before it started, for the 30 minute drive. I gave us an extra 10 minutes (instead of 30) to get there, since traffic was 'green' on my map the whole way. Pfft. Green traffic, my butt. It took an hour. Plus I got lost, since one of the streets the Google directions told me to turn on to isn't actually called that at the intersection I was at, so I drove waaaaaay past it.
So after much gnashing of teeth, angry FB status-update-composing in my head, and pulling over to plug the address into my iPhone to get new directions from where I was when I realized I was lost, I waltzed in to the donut place a little over 30 minutes late. For a 30 minute tour. But after driving for an hour I was DARNED WELL gonna get me some DONUTS!
As luck would have it, only one other mom even showed up, and she had been 20 minutes late (she got lost the same way I did,) so they were just mixing up the batter when I arrived. We got to watch the lady put the batter into the... thingy that drops out donut-shaped dough, and hook it into their donut robot.
The donut robot plops out little donuts (or big donuts, if she uses the other dropper thingy. But we were making mini ones) into the heated oil, and they float lazily along the oil river. 
Then they reach the lochs. They get to a place and a shelf under the oil scoops them up and fwips! them over so they can cook on the tops the rest of the journey.
Then they land neatly onto a wire rack, where we gaze droolingly at them while they cool enough to get cinnamon-sugared.
She gave us like 16 mini donuts to share. They were pretty tasty.
The other MOMS' kids each had 2, she and I each had 1, and Little Z ate 1/2, because she wanted a big one... a pink one... out of the case. I waited until our friends had left, since they weren't buying big ones, and I didn't want to cause a ruckus. We bought 6 assorted flavors. Chocolate Raspberry (for the Princess,) Pumpkin Spice, Grasshopper (chocolate mint,) Vanilla w/ Sprinkles, Lemon Poppyseed and Vanilla glazed.
She picked off around half of the Raspberry glaze, then started face-bombing the ones in the box when I got up to get more napkins. 
"Nibble, nibble, little mouse..."
She wanted to try the sprinkle one next, so I tore off 1/4th for her.
After picking off all the frosting, she wanted to try the minty one. Repeat. Then the lemon. Then I made her actually eat some of the donut cake, since I was tired of licked-off donut bits. Then I cut her off and we packed up our half-chewed donut remains (and leftover cinni-minis!) and headed home.


  1. Kendra, the same thing happened to me. Went to Greenlake first to just walk around because I was so late after traffic and getting lost, then found the darn donut shop out of deternmination just before returning home. Was gonna get a half dozen, but LJ was asleep in her carseat, so I saved on some calories and just headed home! But now I know for future reference!

  2. Good Mom letting her lick off all the sprinkles and frosting.. Now that I'm a GranAnnie it's just a lot more fun to let the grandchildren do this..take the rest home... I used to make my children eat the whole donut (mini) before they got another one.
    We used to have a donut shop here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.. But because a lot of people went on diets and was watching their carbs they went out of business..Actually they went to the south where they are more successful in selling their donuts. My sister lives in S.C. and she says they have these donut places there...
    Ta Ta For Now...from Iowa 32 degrees and sunny.

  3. I wish it hadn't been on Wednesday...I've got some Tuesday and all Friday mornings free. Maybe one day...

  4. The picture of her with her nose right close to the donut is priceless. I love places where one can see the food being made in front of the eyes.

  5. If you go to Krispy Kremes, you can watch donuts be made any day of the week! (or at least, one method of it) and their donuts taste best right out of the oven too!


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