Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Operation: McDon't. Week 3. McCheat!

Monday - Wednesday: Snowed in! Didn't leave the house until Wednesday afternoon, and only then to drive Baby Weena home and get groceries.

Thursday - Friday: Thanksgiving! Too full for fast food too!

Saturday: Flopped around on our bellies at home.

Sunday: Dim Sum brunch for Z and I with my dad and aunt and grandma, plus my brother and his girlfriend. Reckless shopping spree at JoAnn's on the way home. My husband went to a football game, so probably ate junk there, but it's not about him here, now is it? :)

So basically I was able to coast this week, due to snow and holidays!

I figured I should weigh-in here too. I'm not avoiding fast food to lose weight, since I've been happily hovering around 130 lbs for over 5 years, and was around 140 for a decade before that. A little over my ideal weight of 120, but not worth actually doing any exercise or restricted diet over. According to a BMI calculator, 130 (BMI 238) is within a normal range for my height, while 140 was borderline overweight (BMI 25.6.)
According to this site, women think they look their best with a BMI between 20 and 22 (men 23-25) with 23 to 25 not considered overweight, 26+ is.
So my personal ideal of 120 lbs has a BMI of 20.9, right within the "lookin' good" range. At 115 and 110 when I was (much) younger, people told me I looked unhealthy or too skinny, which is why I arbitrarily chose 120.

Anyway, while weight loss wasn't really part of my goal here, I figured it's probably an inevitable side-effect of eating healthier, so I'd track my "progress" (or lack thereof) here, in an informal sort of way.
Now, keep in mind that my scale is not awesome. It's default is at around 4 or 5 lbs, and it's one with the wiggly stick, not a digital. Also I have crummy eyesight, so it's hard to see which skinny little line it's pointing near on the number dial.
I'm not sure exactly where I was a few weeks ago, since I don't bother using this scale, so only know my weight at my annual exam, and when I go in for my pelvic (with the "pooter doctor," as Little Z calls her.)
But right now I weighed in at around 127. And that doesn't take into account the scale starting at around 5. So I don't know if I'm really 127, or 122! But 122 seems kind of awesome for only 3 weeks of avoiding fast food, when last I checked (sometime in the Spring, I think) I was around 128-130.


  1. Very nice on this week! And yes, a more comfortable weight is a great side benefit to eating at home :-)

  2. You don't hear much about people's weight until about Christmas.. then in January it's an overload of losing weight programs. You're doing good if you weigh 122? 127? whatever the weight you are doing great...Your body will love you ~ your Doctor will love you...your clothes will definately love you..
    Have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa


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