Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WFLW & Tried-It-Tuesdays

I totally forgot to post a Tried-It-Tuesdays Monday night, but I didn't really do anything awesome this week. I had a Kids Cooking Class planned for Tuesday but we got snowed out. We did do our first bento breakfasts this week. One on Monday when our trip to preschool was aborted (due to snow) so she ate the snack I had packed, and another Tuesday, since I was cleaning the kitchen just in case people were coming despite the snow and icy roads, and Little Z saw my new little bento box and asked for a lunch in it (it was breakfast time, but she calls all the meals in my special containers, or with shaped food, "beautiful lunch" regardless what meal it is.)
But here's my bento for What's For Lunch Wednesdays! Normally I make my cool bento meal for after gym class on Tuesdays, but classes are cancelled for the week due to Thanksgiving, and I had my Cooking Class scheduled today anyway! Luckily I still got to squeeze this one in!
Chicken nuggets, Sweet potato fries, Ketchup and Ranch
Greek yogurt and Raspberries (Bento box $3 at Daiso!)
She loved it. She was up super early, (she woke me up at 4, and tossed and turned until I finally gave up at 6) so she was extra crotchety. She chose the bento box and enjoyed opening and trying to reassemble it, then got frustrated at any little mishap. She screamed that she wanted the pink plate when I got out a green one to nuke the nuggets on, but she still wanted to eat her food out of the box. Whatever.
This was a meal that really could only be done at home. If we'd gone out and about, she would have had to settle for cold nuggets and fries, and I would have had to put the dips in separate containers. But she is loving the honey-flavored Greek yogurt (as am I) and despite protesting the raspberries, ate every single one. She did have me squirt some actual honey onto the yogurt, since that's how I eat mine.

Monday's breakfast isn't really a bento, since I had each food in a separate tin, but I was excited to try out my new KidsKonserve containers.
Sliced string cheese, mini-Saltines, generic Froot Loops
Normally I don't give her a whole bowl of sugared cereal - usually I sprinkle a few Loops onto her Cheerios (Or Frosted Flakes onto Corn Flakes, or Cocoa Puffs onto Rice Krispies, etc.) But we were running late and she hadn't had breakfast, and I knew she'd eat them on the ride if they were all the Fruity-Os. She ended up eating all of the cheese, most of the crackers, and all the pink Os and maybe some other colors.

Because of all the snow, we also got to do something else new this week - play in snow!

Bento Lunch

For Tried-It-Tuesday, go ahead and link up or comment on something new you cooked, did or tried this week!

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