Monday, November 22, 2010

Operation: McDon't. Week 2. Epic Fail

Day 1. Monday. I almost went after preschool, but I sucked it up and drove past. She finished up the leftovers from her special Muffin Tin breakfast instead.

Day 2. Tuesday. I packed a lunch for after gym class because I had to pick something up from a friend's house. We went to a delicious Thai restaurant for dinner after my cute mani/pedi with my stepmother-in law (Gramma Barp) and her friend, and her friend's friend, and my stepsister-in-law (Auntie Kinzie)!

Day 3. Wednesday. We had pizza at the mall after ballet class, which is a fail, in my book, as it isn't any healthier or cheaper than McDonald's. [I had them water down the lemon-lime soda though. And they were out of lemonade.] Plus a pretzel at Auntie Anne's, but I will always get a pretzel if I even remotely have room in my belly for one, so I'm not going to count it. :P
Then we raced off to my sister's house to spend the night. We got a large Sweet Tea for me and a soft serve cone for her at McD's on the way over, since she refused to sleep on the ride and was starting to melt down, and I kept nodding off. They got us pizza for dinner. -_-

Day 4. Thursday. Little Z had been throwing up from 11pm until 3am, so we spent the day on water, Rice Crispies and Pedialyte. Auntie Kayneen and I took Piwu and snuck out and went shopping while Tually and Z stayed with Unka Rop. Surprisingly, Little Z did very well - she even took a nap while I was gone, and only cried a little when she woke up. By then she was ready for grapes, and did just fine. Wahoo! The girls had bread and noodles for dinner, and we had leftover pizza.

Day 5. Friday. Pancakes (courtesy of Unka Rop) and Corn Chex for breakfast (I had Lucky Charms!) We raced off to try and catch the ferry in time to have lunch with Daddy (missed the ferry, but he took a later lunch break after the next ferry.) We got Cheetos on the ferry and then fish and chips (and clam strips. Yum!) at Ivar's with Daddy. So technically fast food, for another day of fail. Ah well. Not that she ate much. If you combine all the food she ate Wednesday and Thursday, it wouldn't equal the amount she normally eats in a single meal. But she had a blast feeding the clam strip crumbs and french fries to the seagulls!

Day 6. Saturday. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner planned with my mother- and sister-in-law, plus some birthday presents to buy, so we took our special 2-day sale coupons in to the new Toys R Us/Babies R Us that just re-opened near us and got us some Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Lego sets for Tay's belated birthday and save for Christmas. I also had a coupon for a $10 gift card if you spend $75, so we were scouting for stuff for Z too. Zoobles singles were Buy 2 Get  1 Free, so we got her some as potty presents (she loves the Bakugan, and can mostly open and close them herself. These are WAY cooler, since they're animals, which she totally digs.) The sets were 25% off, so we got the Under The Sea one for the neighbor girl for Christmas, since she said she wanted it from a commercial and her mom had no idea what Zoobles were! We also got Z a tricycle for $100, and I had another coupon for $10 off a purchase of $100, so that was cool. They had a perfectly fine $40 trike, but this one has a removable push bar, which makes it easier for us to help her learn to pedal (the pedals go around, so she can keep her feet on them and feel how they make her legs move.) And a sun shade. And it was pink.
Anyway, we took too long, and still had to go to the grocery store to pick up stuff to take to Nana and Auntie Keesee's dinner, so we got McD drive-thru and ate it in the car while Daddy went to the grocery store. (Our other option was the pizza-by-the-slice that the grocery store sells, or Lunchables, but I view them as akin to McD as far as cost and nutrition. Plus I hate their pizza.) (Large Sweet Tea, some fries, and a McChicken for me.) She ate none of the yummy Thanksgiving feast, preferring to play with Tay and his Legos. Then on the hour-long drive home she requested "Apples and nuggets and fries and apples please." *sigh* So we got her another Happy Meal. I don't think she ate much of it though. She kept screaming that her lips hurt, so I'm guessing the salt from the fries stung her winter-chapped lips, because they certainly weren't too hot! Anyway, a total fail for the day.

Day 7. Saturday. Cereal for breakfast, leftover Muffin Tin Meal for lunch, and a PBJ for after-nap snack, and no dinner. Well, she ate some of the mixed veggies. She hasn't been eating much dinner lately. She still chows down during breakfast, lunch and after-nap snack though! [My husband brought back an Auntie Anne's pretzel for me when he went to the mall to exchange his new shoes while we napped. Oh, delicious, empty calories!]

Well... if you don't count the second McD trip Saturday night, since she really didn't eat any of it; or the much-needed soft-serve cone, we've only gone once in 2 weeks, which is more or less my goal... Lots of pizza for me this week though. Plus the deep fried fish and chips. And pretzels. [Omnomnom] But still. Only one meal at McDonalds!

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