Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tried-It-Tuesday - Nilla Wafer Desserts!

Each week I'll attempt something new, and you can link up your posts or make a comment about something new you've tried since the previous Tuesday. It can be a new food, recipe, purchase, restaurant or shop you've discovered, project or craft... anything, as long as it was new to you, or something new you've introduced to your family!
This week not only did I try new recipes, I'd never before cooked with Nilla Wafers (not counting the no-cook mini cheesecakes we made!) Plus I got to see what life would be like without a working fridge! Luckily it was only for one day and night, and it was a quick and affordable fix and the repair guy could come in on a Sunday! Hooray!

And I made a BUTTON! It's still a little big, but I'm too tired to fix it tonight. There's a great tutorial on making your own button by Oikology, which is where I learned how. And I just use MS Paint to write on and resize my picture!

So add your link here, or comment on something new you did this past week!

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