Friday, November 19, 2010

The Woombie Shower

My sister's house is a fun adventure for the house guest. They don't have central heating. They have a wood stove that heats the upstairs, and use a space heater in the downstairs guest and bath rooms. To add to the excitement, each of these space heaters has foibles. Like, you can't turn one of them all the way up. Only 2/3rds of the way. And you can't use the electric blanket the same time a space heater is on. Fun times. And I can't even find the outlet in the bathroom downstairs to plug one in, so I usually leave it in the bedroom, heating it up to be ready for my mad dash down the ice tunnel hall. The upstairs bathroom has a claw-footed tub with a hand-held shower head. So you had to sit in the tub and mop up the floor after try not to spray too much outside the tub.
So imagine my excitement when I heard that they had installed a ceiling mount for the shower head and shower curtain around the upstairs tub! My sister tried to warn me about something... small space, claustrophobic, shower curtain, something-something... blah-blah... Outta my way! Stand-up shower in a warm bathroom! Here I come!

It was like showering in a womb. Or the ultimate mommy shower. And I don't mean the ultimate shower to relax a tired mommy. No. Like millions of little hands groping at you the whole time you're trying to take a moment for yourself! The air pressure kept pulling the shower curtains in, then they'd stick to my legs and hips and arms. Mostly they were warm, but occasionally I'd get slapped with a chilly one, if I had managed to avoid contact with it for a while.
If I were claustrophobic, this would have been like a horror movie. I could see the curtains slowly billowing towards me, like a malevolent force. There was no escape. Everywhere I turned - curtains creeeeeeeeping closer. Wet plastic caressing me at every turn. Break free, only to be accosted from another side!
Luckily I'm not claustrophobic. I thought it was hilarious. I even had the tough choice the second morning of my stay - freeze downstairs? Or shower in the woombie again? I chose the woombie, mostly so that Z could easily be let in if she got upset. Plus I like being warm!

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  1. well thankfully we have a pretty modern house, but it is old and has the original claw foot tub. i love the tub, but the shower curtain does surround it and stick if we don't move carefully. No Central Heating?!! I couldn't stand it!


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