Sunday, November 14, 2010

Operation: McDon't. Week 1. Our Heroes So Far...

Day 1: Monday. Wanted to go to McD's after preschool, but went home to wash off flour and eat lunch in the tub.

Day 2: Tuesday. Normally pack a lunch for after gym class, but sometimes we go to McD's. Made sure to pack a lunch so I wouldn't be tempted. It was an awesome looking lunch, but it made us late. [I'm not renowned for my time-management skills.]

Day 3: Wednesday. Packed a quickie lunch for after ballet, since I needed to do some grocery shopping, and as far as I'm concerned, buying a pizza slice or a Lunchable at the grocery store is the same as buying McD's. Not ideal nutritionally, and a waste of money. Didn't end up eating the lunch. She instead sat in the cart and ate the strawberry/raspberry/blueberry tub I was buying for the kids on Saturday. Well worth buying more. And she had some grilled cheese that Unka Seesee made just as we got home.
In the interests of full disclosure, I bought a Starbucks Frappucino at the MOMS board meeting in the evening. But in my defense, I don't just -go- to Starbucks and get stuff. I buy one once a month at the board meeting (sometimes I don't. I generally don't unless I ate dinner already. Otherwise I buy a juice from the cooler to go with my bagels and cream cheese, since we meet at a Starbucks in the grocery store.) And I bought one on Saturday on the 3-hour drive back with some of my MOMS peeps from the annual luncheon. Special treat.

Day 4: Thursday. Stayed home. There was a fun pajama party with the MOMS, but Snorky McSnorkerson was starting to cough, and her drippy nose turned into a non-stop runny nose, so I decided to contain our plague and keep her cooped up.

Day 5: Friday. Stayed home again. I had a craft planned for one of my mom groups, but no one could make it, and so a few weeks ago I offered to do it with a different moms group, but only got 1 'yes' RSVP, and when I contacted her, she said she'd prefer not to risk getting whatever Z had, so we cancelled.
It was kinda easy to avoid McD's on these sick days, so it feels like I'm cheating to keep my goal, but in this case, the end justifies the means! We did go out to eat, since Unka Seesee wanted to go to the Japanese/sushi buffet ("shooshee boofay") for lunch, but it was much healthier than fast food. And cheaper, since Unka Seesee paid, even though I had planned to, since we kind of invited ourselves along. She didn't eat much. A fried mozzarella stick, 10-15 soy beans, and 3 piles of fish eggs off of spicy tuna rolls (we didn't eat the rolls. Too spicy for the both of us. But she looooooves fish eggs!) And her "ah-meem tone" (ice cream cone.) Okay. Only slightly healthier than fast food.

Day 6: Saturday. Party day. So I spent all morning cleaning and cooking, and sending husband off to the store to buy last-minute items. There wasn't a McDonald's in sight!

Day 7: Sunday. I almost slipped. Almost. We went to Disney on Ice and I hastily threw together an apple, a banana and some juice boxes, since we were running late and I didn't even have time to make a sandwich (we missed whatever the beginning of the show was.) And then I cleverly left it in the car 3 blocks away. >.<
I had to buy a $3 water, a $3 blueberry muffin and a $3.50 slice of chocolate chip banana bread (the barrista totally lied. I asked if it was banana bread and she said no.) I would have wasted money on nachos or a hot dog, but I didn't see that concession stand. I still don't feel that the muffin and bread were healthy options.
I got her a $12 cotton candy, which she didn't end up eating, because I told her she had to wait until we had eaten our muffin and chocolate bread (I know right? The irony was killing me too.) And then she saw... snow cones. She had rejected a snow cone when she wanted the cotton candy, but now she wanted a snow cone more. So I got a $12 snow cone flicked all over me as she hacked at it with her spoon and practically ignored the second half of the show. And then she wanted her cotton candy anyway. I stood firm, but I doubt her bite of blueberry muffin, 1/4th of a slice of chocolate banana bread and a snow cone was a much healthier (or less spendy!) option than McD's. And then I almost... almost stopped there on my way home anyway. Panera, which was right by where we parked, was standing room only. Ugh. But I waited it out, drove past and made it home, where she refused to eat her sandwich and wouldn't fall asleep for a nap. *sigh*

BUT I MADE IT! (If you don't count unhealthy options on Sunday as a fail. Which I won't. I rule.)

[As I finished typing this on Sunday evening before dinner, I asked my husband what his dinner plans were. He said, "I was thinking McDonalds with the play area or Chuck E Cheese.' Hmph. Well... I guess it doesn't count if he takes her. Although I'll probably have a pretzel at the mall with my friend Jeni, which is a kind of a fail for me too. But I love them so!]

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