Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WFLW - Heeeere Kitty Kitty Kitty...

This week's What's For Lunch Wednesday bento was hastily contrived and thrown together Tuesday morning. Since we don't have gym class until 11am, I usually have plenty of time to whip up something special, but I let us sleep in that day.

I decided to make an animal-face sandwich and just tossed together the rest. I opted for my EasyLunchbox because I had plans immediately after class and these are the best things I've found for eating in the car. It's big enough it stays on her lap, and no little containers being dropped all over. I did pack up some hummus in my new KidsKonserve container, since there wasn't room in the box without mashing into the kitty!
Clockwise from top left: Olives, frozen corn and edamame; Sliced stick of string cheese,
Wheat Thins and Ritz; Kitty PBJ sandwich; Carrots and grape tomatoes.
Home-made hummus in pink container to the right.
She loves frozen veggies so I grabbed some corn and what I thought were peas. Newp. Oh well. She likes edamame too, but usually cooked if shelled or room temp if still in the pods. Tossed a few olives on top. Normally I give her more olives, but in doing research for my Food Pyramid Muffin Tin Meal I discovered that olives (along with avocados) fall into the OILS category, and not the VEGETABLES. Ah well. Some baby carrots and grape tomatoes, Wheat Thins and Vegetable Ritz crackers, all left over from Saturday's party appetizers. Sliced up a stick of string cheese (it's fun to have the small bits to eat. Some of the snack moms did that in preschool last year and it's an easy way to change up a familiar food, so I adopted it for sometimes too.)

Since my whole-wheat bread rounds have been sitting there a while I decided to use one before they go bad! I was rapidly glancing through my bento cutters for cute shapes to make a face out of when I found the whale spout one and thought it would make a great kitty mouth. I initially chose a heart cutter for the nose but wasn't loving it, and found a pointy half-circle that looked perfect instead. I had planned on large mozzarella circles for the eyes and smaller cheddar for the pupils, but the mozzarella wasn't opened yet and I found the top of an exclamation point cutter and thought it would be perfect for a cat's pupils. I tried the pupils on my sliced string cheese bits and they looked great so I didn't bother with the circles.
The face looked a little small on the big circle sandwich, so I cut it in half, which meant I wouldn't have to try and fit anything under it, since it's so skinny it takes up very little space. Snapped a Wheat Thin in half and tucked them between the layers for ears. Ta-DAH!

The 'Titty Face' was a big hit.I will never tire of being amused by her pronunciation. You don't even want to know how she says 'frog'... I just about died at a group playdate at a friend's house when they put on some Jim Henson movie and Kermit appeared in the beginning logo stuff and she started SHOUTING "Frog! Frog! FROGFRGOFROG! Look mommy, FROG!"

The olives often go onto fingertips before meeting their destiny, but today she did a little finger play. "Hello. What's your name? [mumble mumble] What a nice name! It's nice-a meechoo. Let's go over dere. Otay!" etc.
We brought her new KidsKonserve water bottle as well, to rehydrate after gym instead of bringing along a juice box. It fits better in her cup holder than mine does, and she can pop the nozzle up easier than she can mine as well. So far so good, although I thought the website said this was all dishwasher safe, but when I got them they say to hand wash. Grrr... I plan on dishwashering the canisters and lids anyway. But the butterflies might come off of the water bottle, and I already have to hand wash mine. As long as I only use them for water I shouldn't have to scrub down the insides too often. I need to buy a new bottle brush just for them though. Ours is all scuzzy since we used it on moldering milk sippys stuff that went in the dishwasher so I wasn't worried about getting ucky stuff on it.

She finished her lunch after we got home, and even asked for more tomatoes. She bursts them open in her mouth then discards the 'husks.' She looks like a little tomato zombie.
"Braaaaaaaians... I mean... Seeeeeeeeedssssss! SeeeEEeeEEEeEedsssss!"
We changed her shirt before nap.

Bento Lunch

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  1. OHHHH this is so good.. Last night when I was at Ben's house I made up a Bento for him.. I think that is what you girls call them.. He had pepperoni rolls, cheese sticks cut up tiny, baby carrots and sliced apples drizzled with carmal sauce with a sprinkle of chcolate chips.. oh and dill pickle ovals.. He loves pickles.
    Keep up the good work in helping this GranAnnie make food look good for Ben.. ta ta for now,,,from Iowa...


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