Sunday, October 31, 2010

Haunted (Slaughter)House - Not For the Chicken-Hearted (Tee Hee!)

Halloween 2010...
Unsuspecting trick-or-treaters arrive to a gruesomely realistic sight... Blood... feathers... chicken body parts... everywhere.

 Nothing is left to the imagination...

Haunted House? No. Horror movie set? No. Professional Fright Fest...? No.
My sister's house.

Earlier in the day, when my nieces had been out in the yard with their dad, apparently one of their roosters jumped on baby Piwu's head and attacked her. Scratched up her face and bruised up her forehead.

So... chicken for dinner! Unka Rop was in the kitchen when we arrived, gutting or skinning or cleaning (whatever you call it) the rooster. I thought it looked kinda creepy, since I could tell that it wasn't a grocery-store chicken, even though it was pink and dimply and headless, like a grocery store chicken. My sister tried to defend herself by reminding me that it had attacked her child. Oh, yeah. I'm totally with ya there. Pets/animals who attack children need to be put down (and eaten, if appropriate.) But I thought it was creepy to see something I've seen before, only realer.
Plus, you know. I've met this chicken. We weren't best buds or anything. He was the one who liked to crow just outside the guest room window from about 4am on. I've been rooting for his demise for months! [She wanted to eat the one who didn't crow and wouldn't mate with the hens, as she doesn't feel useless animals should be tolerated. I prefer the quiet rooster.] But at least he didn't have a name. I've never tried to eat an animal I've known who had a name.

We were visiting to go trick-or-treating nearby (they close off the main roads at the downtown shops and the stores all hand out candy (or Boehm's chocolates, at the Boehms, and ice cream cones at the ice cream shop!) and it's a huge thing.) People come from all over. Grammelena came with, and she met some ladies, one who comes from another state just to sit and watch the trick-or-treaters here each year! (And visit her friend, the other lady, of course!) People bring their dogs in costume even. It's a real blast. Crowded. But fun.

So Unka Rop put the chicken in the fridge, and the other bits in a bag to do something with later. It's unclear to me whether they were headed for the garbage, or being saved for later. The girls romped around outside while the adults got all the costume bits and Grammelenas into the cars.
So we took 2 butterflies (no. Not fairies. Not fairy princesses. Butterflies.) and a Little Red Riding Hoodlum (I changed the name, since she was looking tough and ready for a fight with her beat-up face!) off to trick-or-treat amongst the masses.
Tualy and Z were butterflies...
Notice my butterfly net (borrowed from Kayneen) poking out in the lower left corner.
I was a butterfly catcher. Get it?
Little Red Riding Hoodlum.
Total coincidence that this was taken in front of a law office, but I think it's hilarious.
Like she's gonna sue the pants off that rooster!
So after a few hours of slogging through crowds, getting into line after line at each storefront for some measly little Jolly Rancher (except at Boehm's! We got quality chocolate there. Little Z's didn't survive the Mommy. Omnomnom) getting separated from cousins and grammas, and endless whining, whinging, crying and carrying-on, we went to a pizza-by-the-slice place we had seen at the beginning. And they had a deal: 2 slices and a soda for $6! Sweet!
We wait patiently in line, while Z grows increasingly louder and toddler-ier, just to have the dude in front of us buy the last 5 (!!!) slices [Seriously? Buying the whole stinking pizza would have been cheaper at that point, Bub!] and be told that they would need to start another by-the-slice pizza fresh, so it would be ready in about 15 minutes. Well.. EFF THAT! So we went to another one further away, but towards the car (we had to park pretty far. It was a popular event!) and not only did they have actual pizza, but they had 2 slices and a soda for only $3! Granted, their slices were smaller and they had canned soda instead of free refill fountain drinks, but by golly, we were eating pizza a good 10 minutes earlier than we would have otherwise! We ended up getting 4 slices and 2 cans of soda for $6. Not bad at all.
Auntie Kayneen wanted to take her kids door-to-door, for at least a few houses, to give them the normal Halloween experience, since where they live you're walking more than a block to get to the next property, then in a ways to actually get to the house. And, as luck would have it, there were lots of convenient neighborhoods just outside the downtown businesses loop! 
Z opted to be done, so we headed back to my sister's with Grammelena to wait for them. 
We got home to a gory surprise in the kitchen!
Turns out their dog, Spirit, had found the bag of chicken goodies and wreaked her vengeance upon them. If this had been my house, I would have flipped, but since it's not, I thought it was freakin' hilarious, and I delightedly called my sister to tell her the good news. Grammelena thwarted me by cleaning it all up before they got back. Nuts.

Either way. Best. Halloween. Evar! [Yes. I spelled it wrong on purpose. It's an internet gamer thing.]

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  1. When I was about 12 ~ we had a rooster that was always terrorizing my sister.. He would run after her and fling himself onto her back and hook his due claws into her back... (He never came after me, maybe because he knew better). Poor Lynn would of course cry and I always took her into the bathroom and apply the red stuff, myrocrome or whatever it was called. It always stung when you applied that stuff onto a cut. Well, one day my mom went to the grocery store and left us girls home. Lynn and I went outside to play and this rooster decided to make a run for my sister. I caught up with him and grabbed his neck.. I swung it around and around and Yeah I killed him~! with his tongue hanging out he was dead~! So we went to the shed and got the shovel and buried that blasted bird. Couple days later my Mom asked us girls if we had seen "Doodle" ~ we said "No". We never ever told her until we got older what happened to Doodle..
    She just laughed.. She said, she always thought probably a hawk or a fox had gotten him and that was the reason he was gone. Enjoyed your adventures of going Halloweening..~!


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