Monday, March 3, 2014

MOMables Monday - Using Frozen Rice for Lunch!

I regularly cook up a large batch of rice to freeze and have on-hand for quick and easy dinner options, and occasionally for lunch! Check out the post I wrote for the MOMables blog on how to freeze cooked rice!

The MOMables lunch menu subscription and blog have loads of prep-ahead ideas to make your life easier, including some I wrote on freezing sandwiches, freezing cooked pasta, and freezing vegetable puree.

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Baby Love
Frozen organic rice and quinoa; organic carrots, watermelon radish, tomatoes; organic PB apple sandwiches
Thursday, 1/30/14 - I used some heart cut-out apple slices from the MOMables Real Foods Valentine's Treats and added some peanut butter to make some yummy gluten-free sandwiches for the toddler. To add grains to make up for the lack of bread (not that she eats much bread...) I included a puck of frozen rice the night before and let it thaw. Worked great! She loved it!

Toddler Leftovers
Organic apples, tomatoes, carrots, orange; Van's PBJ bar bites, leftover Quackaroni and Peas, frozen rice and quinoa
Friday, 1/31/14 - I had some dairy-free cheesy "Quackaroni" and Peas left over, so fed it to the toddler, along with some Van's PBJ Bars heart-shaped bites left from one of Big Sister's lunches. The apples and carrots and orange were probably left over from some of Big Sister's lunches or snacks too.

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