Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quackaroni and Peas for Dinner

Tuesday, 1/28/14 - For a while, Tuesday afternoons were busy. Pick Z up from school, race off to Z's gym class, then off to Z's ice skating lessons, get home for bath time. (We had a few weeks of overlap between starting her new gym class and that session of ice skating ending.) Most days we had to settle for fast food, since I'm not very organized. But this particular day, I managed to throw something quick together to pack for dinner!

Dinner for the Girls
Peas and GF noodles w/nutritional yeast "cheese," GF sandwich cookiesorganic rice and quinoa mix w/hemp hearts
I had some gluten-free duck-shaped noodles already cooked up and left over from something else, so tossed them in with a bunch of cooked up frozen peas. I kept a little of the pea water and made a light sauce with some salt and nutritional yeast. The girls think it's cheese powder! Muahahaha!

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Dinner for Mama
Peas and GF noodles w/nutritional yeast "cheese" and hemp heartsorganic rice and quinoa mix
The rice was a pre-cooked packet of rice and quinoa that I heated and divided up among our dinners. I added some hemp hearts for added protein and nutrients in the girls', since it hides in there really well. But I went ahead and tossed a bunch right on my peas and noodles.

Tools of the Trade

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