Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mommy-Daughter Movie Date Snacks - Dye-Gluten-(and some)Dairy-Free

Packed snacks for the movies!
Saturday, 1/25/14 - We love going to AMC's Sensory Friendly Films showings each month, not only to support the concept in general, but also because both Z and I find regular movies to be too loud, and the darkness too dark. Plus we're allowed to bring our own food to accommodate special diets (not that they've ever hassled us about it at any of the regular showings we've gone to.) Usually we all go, since these showings are great for pesky restless toddlers as well. But E has gym class on Saturday mornings now, and loves her special Dadda time. So Z and I had a Mama-Daughter movie date together to see The Nut Job!

Movie Snacks for my Little Nut
UNREAL peanut butter cup, UNREAL "Snickers," organic popcorn w/GF tamari and nutritional yeast,
Stur Lemonade water enhancer, Home Free mini vanilla cookiesVan's Nacho Nacho Man chips (GF)
Since we wouldn't have the super messy toddler who loves to sit on Mama's lap and rub her sticky fingers all over the place, I packed chocolate treats for my big girl and myself this time! Unreal Candy makes all-natural versions of popular candy bars, but without the petroleum-derived artificial flavors and colors. They have dairy, so Mama can't eat them, but both girls do fine, so they're a staple in our house!

I also remembered to grab some of the Stur water enhancers that they sent me to try. I always buy drinks at the theater, since I'm not packing snacks just to save money and cheat the system. But we're pretty much limited to Sprite, which is filled with high-fructose corn syrup and GMOs, or bottled water. Z much prefers water to soda, and loves when I add natural flavors to it.Win!

 [This post contains affiliate links. Also, the Stur drink enhancers and Van's chips were sent to me by the companies to review and enjoy

Dye-Gluten-Dairy-Free for Mama
Twilight barStur Strawberry water enhancer, organic popcorn w/GF tamari and nutritional yeast,
Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (DF,) organic blueberries, Van's Mighty Good BBQ chips (GF,DF)
The Twilight bar is like a Milky Way, only without the petroleum-derived fake vanillin flavor, and no dairy, so Mama won't get sick! The Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are dairy-free too, although their milk chocolate ones and Snickers-type bars in both dark and milk have dairy.

Tools of the Trade

Food for Thought

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