Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nut-Free Mommy and Me Lunches

I don't usually eat the same thing as my girls, mostly because I usually get salad or "yechy blechy" leftovers, but the unconventional popcorn lunch was too fun to miss out on! And then some blechy leftovers for me and more kid-friendly fare for them...

Monday, 2/24/14 - Leftovers
Z's lunch: Leftover GF chicken nuggets, organic ketchup, organic apples and peas, GF fun noodles w/nutritional yeast
I had a few leftover chicken nuggets (Ian's brand,) so divvied them up among the girls for lunch! I also had some leftover fun-shaped noodles, so I added some "cheese powder" (nutritional yeast) and packed that in too!

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E's lunch: Leftover GF chicken nuggets; organic tomatoes, apples, and peas; GF fun noodles w/nutritional yeast
Same stuff for Little Sis. And no. There was no way to arrange those tomatoes that didn't look naughty.

Tuesday, 2/25/14 -  Sunbutter Popcorn
Z's lunch: Organic popcorn with Sunbutter; organic carrots, sugar snap peas, and apples
I wanted to make some kind of peanut-butter popcorn ball, but couldn't find any recipes that didn't add a load of sugar. So I just mixed some Sunbutter into a big bowl of popcorn until it was mostly coated. And packed a napkin!

E's lunch: Organic carrots, sugar snap peas, blackberries, and apples, organic popcorn with Sunbutter
More of the same for the toddler. I was surprised this wasn't a big hit. Maybe they didn't like the messy fingers. Perhaps a spoon next time!

Mama's lunch: Organic popcorn w/GF tamari soy sauce and nutritional yeast,
dried organic mango and cranberries, GF raw sesame crackers with Sunbutter, organic carrots 
I had already taste-tested plenty of extra Sunbutter popcorn when I packed it the night before, so I opted for a childhood favorite from my Aunt's house - popcorn with soy sauce and yeast! I also had a sample of some weird raw spice crackers that said they tasted good with peanut butter, so I used Sunbutter to make little Cracker Stackers.

Saturday, 3/1/14 - Snacks for Mama
Leftover potato, golden beet, and carrot fries; leftover sauteed green beans;
organic carrots, broccoli, and sweet peppers; goat cheese
I still had some veggie fries left over from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, plus some green beans left over from a dinner purchased there, sauteed in a petrochemical-infested cooking oil. Blech. The only things they had that were gluten-free, dairy-free, and petrol-free were the fresh fruits and veggies and hard boiled eggs. Oh, and their gluten-free pizza, but it wasn't very tasty without cheese.

I'm on the fence about calling goat cheese "non-dairy." Technically, it must be dairy, since goat milk farms call themselves dairies, right? But it doesn't contain the things that most people are intolerant to in cow milk (lactose and casein.) So I might still tag goat cheese stuff "dairy-free." I'm wild and crazy like that.

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