Friday, March 21, 2014

Road-Trip Veggie Fries!

Wednesday, 2/26/14 - The girls needed snacks for the drive to Great Wolf Lodge for a 3-day adventure there, and Mama needed lunch. So while Hubby was clearing out additional space in the car for his sister and nephew, I made some potato, carrot, and golden beet fries! Since most fast-food places use fry oil with a petroleum-derived preservative in it (and those that don't have a shared fryer with breaded items, which ends up making us sick 3 out of 5 times,) I wanted to have something to offer them instead of Dadda's petroleum-filled fast food.

Fries for Big Sis
Organic berries and cucumber; organic potato, carrot, and golden beet fries
Z isn't in love with the golden beet fries, so I tucked a few underneath, but mostly gave her carrots and potatoes. Plus some salted cucumber, since it wouldn't all fit in my lunchbox!

Fries for Little Sis
Organic potato, carrot, and golden beet fries; organic tomatoes and berries
The toddler got a little of everything, plus some heirloom cherry tomatoes. Because she loves them!

Because the fries were so fresh, I packed them with some paper towels underneath, to continue soaking up some oil, and also to absorb some of the moisture from the steam.

Fries for Mama
Organic cucumber and apples; organic potato, carrot, and golden beet fries
I packed myself extra fries intentionally to have leftovers at the resort, in case we needed some "safe" fries to supplement lunch or dinner. 

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  1. Those fries look yummy! I have not yet tried carrot or golden beet fries, but I did pin them on Pinterest at least a year ago.


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