Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Van's New PBJ Bars and Multigrain Chips - and Giveaway!

Van's Natural Foods makes a variety of whole-grain gluten-free foods, including frozen waffles and French toast sticks, chewy bars, and crackers - really yummy crackers! Now they've added some new tasty treats to their lineup. Nacho, Nacho, Man and Mighty Good BBQ Multigrain Chips and PBJ Sandwich Bars in blueberry and strawberry flavors! And they sent us some of each to try! 

Oh, and did I mention they're offering 3 coupons for free product for one of my readers? Boo-yaw! But you'll have to check out my lunches first!

Van's PBJ Sandwich Bars
Z's lunch: 1/2 organic mini apple, organic carrots, Van's strawberry PBJ sandwich bars
Wednesday, 1/29/14 - I made the girls some quick and easy lunches with Van's PBJ sandwich bars! I made them Valentine's-y with a mini heart cutter on mini apple halves.

[This post contains affiliate links. Van's provided me with product 

E's lunch: 1/2 organic mini apple, organic carrots, Van's blueberry PBJ sandwich bars
The mini organic apples had brown patches on their skins for no apparent reason, so I crappily photoshopped it out of the first photo. The toddler got the brown half, since she's not as picky as Big Sis!

Van's Multigrain Chips
Organic carrots and 1/2  mini apple, Van's PBJ sandwich bar bitesVan's Nacho, Nacho, Man multigrain chips
Thursday, 1/30/14 - Due to an unexpected meltdown by my Kindergartener when I dropped her off at lunch the previous day, she didn't end up eating more than a few nibbles of her lunch. So I took her sandwich bar and the leftover bit from the toddler's and used mini heart cutters to make little sandwich bar bites! Her apple half was still looking good, so I rolled it in as well. (I use powdered ascorbic acid to prevent browning. Any juice with vitamin C works as well, like lemon, pineapple, or apple juice!)

I also included some Nacho, Nacho, Man Multigrain Chips. I can't vouch for their taste, since I'm intolerant to dairy, but both girls seem to like them. I did get to eat the Mighty Good BBQ chips though. A bit spicy, but I am suuuuper sensitive to spice.

The PBJ sandwich bars are crazy delicious, by the way.

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  1. i want to try the nacho nacho man chips

  2. I would love to try the waffles!

  3. The fire-roasted veggie crackers look delicious!

  4. I am really curious to try the PBJ bars! We love Van's products here.


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