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February 2014 Kindergarten Snacks - Dye-Gluten-Nut-Free

The other parents have been doing a great job of sending a fresh fruit or vegetable each day, so I've gotten lazier about packing a snack. I know I can just get away with grabbing a single-serve bag of popcorn or Popchips if we're in a hurry.
So between last-minute grab-and-go snacks and absences due to illness, these measly selections are three weeks' worth of Kindergarten snacks.

Tuesday, 1/28/14
GF Qwackers crackers, Gogo Squeeze Appleberry
The Qwackers are a special treat that both girls love. But they're expensive, so I'm pretty stingy with them. I had just re-stocked at the gluten-free grocery up near Nana's house, so was feeling generous this day. Another quick-grab was the Gogo Squeeze. Hey. It's like fresh fruit, right?

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Wednesday, 1/29/14
Organic satsuma, Glutino Rosemary Olive Oil crackers
I cut the satsuma so it would be super easy to open and remove all the segments, without drying out in the meantime. Not very attractive, but gets the job done.

Tuesday, 2/4/14
Popcorners Kettle Corn, organic strawberries

Thursday, 2/6/14
Mini banana, Angie's popcorn (limited holiday flavor of some kind)
 My girls love these mini bananas. I used a knife to etch in Z's current preferred name du jour, "Emerald." I cut it in the night before, so it browned to visibility by morning. My girl is such a nut. She keeps trying to convince her teachers to call her various "pretty" names because they're clearly superior to her own. Whacko.

Friday, 2/7/14
Leftover tater tots, organic turkey stick, crab meat, GF Lucy's chocolate chip cookies, Ghirardelli mint square
The class went on a field trip to a grocery store as part of their nutrition unit. In the past, the kids got various samples from each department, so I packed Z some safe options based on what the previous class got last year. In a cute little disposable bento box I'd found at a local Japanese dollar store.

Instead of Jojo potatoes from the deli, I sent leftover tater tots. And we found a healthy(er) turkey jerky stick thing at Whole Foods since they kids had each gotten one of some kind last year. The meat department had handed out samples of fake krab, which is not only full of fake Red dye, but also gluten. So I sent some real crab in a little disposable sauce cup, which ended up being a huge hit. And I sent some gluten-free cookies in lieu of the ones handed out at the bakery. And just to make up for anything awesome they might offer this year, I sent a mint creme-filled chocolate square that she loves.

To keep the crab fresh, I soaked some paper towels in water, and froze them in a small zip-seal baggie overnight, then used a rubber band to hold the box closed and pin the impromptu disposable ice pack to the box. Easy peasy!

Other than being told that the other kids got different stuff, I don't know how close her treats came to theirs, since Z couldn't remember. But she was thrilled with what she got (especially the crab and chocolate!) So, win!

Monday, 2/10/14
Sunbutter pouch, GF mini rice crackers
DIY PB Cracker Stackers have been a huge hit in her lunches, so I sent a mini version for snack one day. It was a big win! Yay!

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