Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sister Snacks! Gluten-Dye-Nut-Free Snacks for Kindergarten and Day Camp

Instead of packing snacks for E's preschool each week, I just bring an assortment of snack crunchies and pick something to hand to the snack parent that is similar to what the other kids will be getting. But during our district's Midwinter Break, she got to go to some day camps with her big sister, so they got matching bento snacks!

Monday, 2/17/14
GF Annie's bunny cookies, organic orange wedges
One of the local kiddie gyms will take non-potty-trained kids under 3 for their day camps and such, so I got to send both girls! 3 hours all to myself! Well, since it was President's Day, Hubby was home too. So we hung out and watched a movie or cleaned the house or something. Giddy delight!

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Wednesday, 2/19/14
Enjoy Life GF Double Chocolate Cookies, GF Qwackers crackers
The girls did another camp later in the week, and this time I found out ahead what snack the gym had planned, so sent crackers and a cookie, to match what the other kids would be getting. And the gym had fresh fruit, which is always safe for us!

Tuesday, 2/25/14
GF Schar Cheese Bites crackers, organic blackberries
Back to school the week after break, and we had a wild and crazy time! I think we missed school Monday morning. Either that or I forgot to pack a snack and grabbed a bag of chips on our way out the door. But Z only had morning class through Wednesday that week, since we left for Great Wolf Lodge that afternoon, and didn't return until Friday.

Thursday, 3/6/14
GF Glutino pretzel sticks, pumpkin seed butter w/cinnamon
I got to try some nut-butter alternatives at VegFest in Portland last year and really enjoyed the pumpkin seed butter, so decided to grab a tub when I saw it at Whole Foods. Since it's nut-free, I sent some to school in a Mini Dipper, with pretzels for dipping. It's also good with apples, but I figured Z would be more likely to actually try it with pretzels!

Sadly, she barely touched it. So I finished it off with MY lunch!

Friday, 3/7/14
Naturebox Ranch Peas, organic apple slices
Both flavors of Naturebox peas (Ranch and Garlic) are popular with my girls, and while not the best way to get them to eat their veggies, it is an effective one!

Popcorn Friday!
Earth Balance vegan Buttery popcorn
The first Friday of each month is "Popcorn Friday" at Z's public school. It's a PTSA fundraiser, where you can buy popcorn for $.50 per child to be delivered to the classroom at the end of the day.
At the beginning of the year I looked into the oil they use, and it not only has fake Yellow dye, but also a petroleum-derived preservative. So we couldn't participate. But I don't want Z to feel left out, so I set an alert on my phone the first Friday each month and bring my own safe popcorn when I pick her up!
I found these paper popcorn cups, and they're a fun way to serve the popcorn to my girls!

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  1. Love them! Where did you get the bow bento box? It looks like the perfect size for when my girl gets a smoothie and meal-replacement shake once a week and needs just a little on the side. Is it nice and shallow?

    1. It's a little taller than a muffin cup. But it was from Target's Dollar Spot a while ago.


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