Saturday, March 29, 2014

Everything is Awesome! Dye-Free Gluten-Free Movie Theatre Snacks

2/15/14 - We like to go to AMC's Sensory Friendly Films every month, and since Little Sis has gym class at the same time now, Z and I get to go on a Mommy-Daughter movie date! February's show was The Lego Movie, which was, well... Awesome!

(The Sensory-Friendly showing of Muppets Most Wanted is playing at select theatres today at 10am!)

Z's Snack
Organic popcorn w/salt and nutritional yeast; UNREAL candies and Surf Sweets gummies, organic apples
I don't usually pack a bunch of candy for the movies, but the colorful UNREAL candies kind of reminded me of Lego pips. Surprisingly, while she polished off all the apples and popcorn, she left some candy.

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Mama's Munchies
Organic popcorn and corn chips, DF chocolate-covered Cocomels, organic apples
I "built" my movie snack out of organic popcorn and organic corn chips, and added a few "bricks" of dairy-free chocolate-covered salted caramel.

There was no leftover candy in Mama's snack!

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