Monday, March 17, 2014

MOMables Monday - "Smoothie" Moves!

The idea to pack smoothies for lunch came from MOMables, although I opted to pack them in containers with straws rather than squeezy pouches.

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Smoothies for Kindergarten!
For my big girl, I packed a fresh smoothie in an insulated Thermos jar and sent a spoon and a pink Cool Straw (I see they have new multicolored ones. I wants them, the Preciousss!) Because her smoothie was a blend of fruit, veggies, and protein, the only food group missing was grains. So I sent a little container of whole-grain GF Van's Everything crackers. Yum!

(Smoothie: frozen organic blueberries, persimmon, banana, and kale, plus rice milk, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and protein powder.)

Because this lunch was pretty small, I got to whip out her small Sugarbooger matryoshka lunch bag. Totally superfluous with all the other lunch bags we have that are more useful on a daily basis, but too adorable to say no!

Baby Smoothie
I could only find one clean Thermos jar, so E just got a regular cup with a Cool Cap (now has a third inner ring to fit smaller cups! Mine are the older ones, so we had to go with a wider mouth cup.) Plus a Cool Straw, to drink it!

Tools of the Trade

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