Friday, March 14, 2014

Leftovers to Lunch: Easy Rilakkuma on Rice!

We had brown rice and edamame left over from an Asian restaurant or something. So I pulled out my powers of "pickography" to put together a fun lunch fast!

Big Bear Lunch
Organic strawberries and carrots, leftover edamame and brown rice, furikake (rice seasoning)
I got a bunch of cute Rilakkuma gear from a bento friend in Japan, which made it easy as pie to take a basic boring lunch and crank it up to an eleven!

Little Leftovers
Organic strawberries, leftover edamame and brown rice with furikake (rice seasoning)
The toddler got the same lunch, but without the cute accessories. She tends to chuck them over the side and they get lost. So I don't waste the rare or expensive ones on her!

Tools of the Trade
 San-X Rilakkuma Bento Fun Lunch Accessories Food Pick 8 pcs

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