Monday, March 24, 2014

Goldilocks and the Three "Berries"

Tuesday, 3/4/14 - Z got to go see a local children's theater production of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears with her public school Kindergarten class. So I put together some simple Goldilocks lunches for my girls! With three different kinds of berries. Get it? Bears... berries...!

Goldilocks and the Three Berries
Cosmos Creations Nuggets, GF PBJ; organic sugar snap peas, carrots, berries
I made a quick and easy Goldilocks for my Kindergartener using a circle cutter to make a PBJ sandwich head, and some nori face punches to make the face.
I skewered three assorted bear picks into three kinds of berries to represent the three bears, but was too lazy to make chairs or porridge or whatever. I did include three apple slices though. This one's juuuust right!

I couldn't find my little house pick, so I opted for a little woodland scene with a mushroom pick and carrots cut with tiny bug cutters.

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Baby Bear
Cosmos Creations NuggetsGF Tinkyada fun shape pasta w/hemp hearts; organic carrot, tomatoes, berries
Little E got an even simpler Goldilocks using a girl-shaped cup. I packed some fun gluten free pasta (with dairy-free butter and hemp hearts) and used a silicone baran to separate them from some Cosmos Creations Nuggets to represent the golden locks.
For the three bears, I used a circus bear pick, a snip of carrot cut with a mini bear head cutter, and a mini bear cup filled with berries.

Tools of the Trade
Microwavable Bento Silicone Food Cup 4 AnimalSilicone Japanese Bento Baran Sheet Microwavable Reusable Pop


  1. So cute! Are the Cosmos Creations nuggets similar to Pirate's Booty?

    1. The puffs themselves are, although a bit denser; more like regular Cheetos (although not quite as dense) versus the Puffs ones. But instead of cheese or veggie flavors, these have butter or cinnamon or caramel flavors. Infinitely superior! Hahaha! The butter one is dairy-free, so is my favorite, and I have 2 bags on Subscribe and Save from Amazon every month!


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