Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swiper, No Swiping!

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Tuesday, 2/26/13 - As you can see, I was minding my own business eating my lunch, when along came a snitchery toddler! Like a little chip-and-guacamole-dipping ninja, she came out of nowhere! This is why I prefer to make them stay strapped in their car seats while they eat!

Mama's Lunch: GF tortilla chips, organic carrot and kohlrabi scraps, mandarin orange, organic green beans, hard-boiled egg, Wholly Guacamole

Baby's Lunch
Organic corn, organic blueberries, GF "Monkey Balls" cereal, organic banana, Colby Jack cheese, GF bread w/PB
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That little thief had a perfectly good lunch of her own! I even included some lightly sweetened "monkey balls" cereal (Envirokidz Organic Gorilla Munch cereal... I really need to start deciding what I want to call stuff before I let the preschooler give it a name...) AND I cut her cheese into little bear heads, just like I do for her Big Sis!! Well, okay. Maybe just left over from the day before. But whatever.

I should have suspected some thievery. She checked out everyone else's lunch first, before starting on her own. Then she used her Jedi mind powers to get me to unstrap her so she could swipe my guacamole!

Tools of the Trade

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  1. This is fantastic.. I don't know what it is about mama lunches that make them so tempting to little fingers!


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