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March 2013 Preschool Snacks - Week 3

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Monday, March 18 through Thursday, March 21

Organic strawberries, Van's Say Cheese! gluten-free crackers, kale chips
I think she had requested strawberries in her lunch, and I had just made a big batch of kale chips over the weekend and surprised her with some in her snack (I can't remember what she had been engaged in, but she was totally oblivious to Baby munching on kale chips fresh from the oven that day, so had no clue we had any!) Plus some Van's "Say Cheese!" crackers, which taste a lot like Cheez-Its, to be more like what the other kids might be getting.

Snack in our Lunchbots Duo (mine's the older shape. The newer ones are squarer.)

TJ's White Cheddar popcorn, ginormous organic strawberry
I almost totally forgot to pack her a snack, and had everyone strapped into the car before I remembered. So I ran in and tossed some white cheddar popcorn into a box and grabbed a huge strawberry that took up a whole square muffin cup all by itself!

Snack in our Tinkerbelle sandwich box (Dollar Tree.)

TJ's puffed brown rice roll, pomegranate arils
I found these puffed brown rice roll things at Trader Joe's and decided to give them a try. Similar to Rice Krispy Treats, except with whole-grain rice, less sugar, and no junky ingredients.
To go along with that, I added some pomegranate arils in a star muffin cup (the dark blue ones came from World Market - 6/$2.99,) and a Take N Toss baby spoon. I think we were running late and I was in too much of a hurry to find a cuter bento spoon.

Sadly, the rice roll didn't hold up well to the moisture from the pomegranate seeds over the few hours they were in there together. Either that or she took so long to eat it that it got sticky in her hands. Which is what happened to the one she ate at home a different day. So now she won't eat these, because they're "too sticky and messy." No problem. Baby and I can eat enough for all of us!

Snack in our Disney Princess sandwich box (Dollar Tree or Target's Dollar Spot.)

Organic apples, pomegranate arils, kale chips
(Owl box was found at a Paperchase store and sent from a bento friend in England.)

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