Friday, April 12, 2013

Mama + Baby Lunch Date!

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Tuesday, 3/5/13 - I often pack lunches for Baby and myself, so Baby has something ready-made for when Z gets home from her morning preschool, and we only have an hour to get her inside, fed, pottied, in the car, and off to afternoon preschool. Plus that's usually when I make her preschool snack too. This way I can plop a lunch down in front of them both and get my stuff done. (Z's lunch gets sent to morning preschool as a safe "snack," then she eats the rest at home during our "lunch hour.")

Tuesdays, however, while Z is at preschool, Baby and I drive down to the farm to pick up our weekly produce share. So no time to make lunch then instead, if I didn't get it done earlier. Baby usually falls asleep along the way, so I park and eat my lunch until she wakes up or until we need to go in and get our stuff in order to leave in time to pick Z back up from school.

I pack them in our EasyLunchboxes because they're easy to stack in the cooler bag, and easy for Baby to fit on her lap in the car. Not that I let her eat unsupervised while I drive... *cough*

Mama's Lunch
Organic sweet peppers, mandarin,  GF bagel w/cream cheese and garlic powder, organic berries and beans, hummus, Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chobani Bite
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The Udi's gluten-free bagels are pretty good. They don't have that chewy, smooth outer texture though, which is what I love most about New York-style bagels, and the reason I never bothered buying any other kind. Before, that is. But these will do. 
I just found Udi's gluten-free Everything Bagels, which might be closer to what I'm looking for. Z and I like everything bagels!

And as for the Chobani Bite, I've heard people say that the Coffee with Chocolate Chips flavor tastes disgusting, or sounds disgusting. But to me, it's like a yogurty Frappuccino. Dairy is mixed with sweet coffee all the time, so I'm not sure why everyone has their panties in a bunch over this one. Anyway, it's my favorite of the Chobani flavors, but the Raspberry with Chocolate Chips is a VERY close second! The Bites are nice little 100-calorie packs, which make a great snack or complement to a lunch. I'm not a fan of all the wasteful packaging, but I've got to admit that the convenience of being able to just grab one and go (versus getting a spoon dirty and taking extra time to pack some in my lunch) is nice.

Baby's Sampler Tray Lunch
Hummus, GF crackers, bread, and leftover chicken nuggets and sweet potato tots; cheese scraps, organic sugar snap peas,  frozen organic peas, organic strawberries and blueberries
Baby has a whole mishmash of foods. Van's "Say Cheese" gluten free crackers (they taste pretty close to Cheez-Its and the like. The girls are a fan!) leftover Applegate Farms gluten-free chicken nuggets cut into small bits, leftover Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Tots, the last of that bag of TJ's organic sugar snap peas, cheese scraps, and some kind of bread cubes. Not sure what that is. Toasted garlic powder-and-butter bagel, maybe? Plus hummus, for dipping anything she likes.
We had time to bounce around in the car at the farm before we needed to head back, so Baby climbed into Big Sister's carseat and stole her day-old (non-caffeinated) mint tea we got at the natural grocery the day before (they have a free tea station for customers.) Don't tell Z! She would be soooooo pissed!

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  1. I personally love that Chobani flavor and it is fantastic with Granola! Baby is soooo cute!


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